Bicycle parking

The City of Hobart provides parking for bicycles using sets of one or more stainless steel hoops in the footpaths near areas of high bicycle demand.

Approximately 36 bicycle hoops are available in the Hobart city centre providing safe and secure parking for cyclists.

Salamanca Square and Argyle Street car parking facilities also have locked cages for bicycle parking.

We will continue to expand bicycle parking facilities around the city centre and the greater municipal area in places of identified need, including local shopping areas.

If you have any suggestions of locations where more bicycle parking is needed, please contact the Sustainable Transport Officer on (03) 6238 2194.

Argyle Street secure bicycle parking

This secure bicycle parking facility is intended primarily for city workers and other regular commuters.

The facility is accessed with an electronic swipe card and is under CCTV surveillance. It is accessible during the normal operating hours of the Argyle Street car park. Lockers are available and public toilets are located almost immediately adjacent to the facility access.

The secure bicycle facility is a membership-based, fee for service facility. The fee for annual membership is $50. A refundable deposit of $50 for the electronic swipe card is also required.

Membership applications are available from the Customer Service Centre or you can download a bicycle parking membership application form.(PDF, 111KB)