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View of Hobart with Tasman BridgeOur mission is to ensure the good governance of our capital city


With a budget expenditure of $85 million and offering more than 300 services, the Hobart City Council has a proud record of serving its community.

As one of the nation's oldest councils in Australia's second oldest city, the Council has demonstrated leadership on many fronts, making it one of the most liveable cities with a quality lifestyle.

It is the Aldermen's role to represent the community and to make local laws to help provide a safe and orderly area for residents and businesses.

The Executive Leadership Team is responsible for delivering strong leadership to the organisation and carrying out the decisions passed at regular Council meetings in the Town Hall.

This section also provides information in relation to employment opportunities within the Council, submitting tenders and expressions of interest and booking Council facilities. 

In this section

  • About Council

    The About Council section outlines facts and figures about the city of Hobart, the meaning behind the Councils corporate identity and the organisational structure of the Council.

  • Payments

    For your convenience Council rates, parking infringements and dog registrations can be paid online in this section. It also lists alternative methods of payment options.

  • Fees_and_Charges

    This section provides details in respect to the Council’s Fees and Charges.

  • Rates

    All properties within the Hobart Municipal area are valued by the Valuer General in accordance with the Valuation of Land Act 2001. Here you can find information about Council rates and an explaination of your rates notice.

  • Council Consultations

    Hobart City Council values effective consultation in developing a positive relationship with its community and recognises that public participation contributes to better decision-making. View the latest Community Consultations here.

  • Community Notices

    Get information on how you can participate in your community or find out more information and have your say in community issues.

  • Council Meetings

    View the 2010 Scheduled meetings for the Council including downloads of Agendas and Minutes.

  • Aldermen

    Profiles of Hobart City Council Aldermen are available here, along with historical information on past Counsellors.

  • Bookings

    The Council has a range of facilities that are available for community use. Here you can find detailed information of the facilities Council has available for public use.

  • Employment

    Find out more information about current employment opportunities available in Council here.

  • Tenders

    Council conducts an open tendering process for purchasing activities as required by Council policy and in accordance with the HCC Code of Public Tendering.

  • Legislation

    The Council is established and operates pursuant to legislation. Here you can find information regarding the Acts, By-Laws and Regulations which Council abides by.

Customer Service Centre

16 Elizabeth St, Hobart
Office Hours: Mon–Fri 8.15am–5.15pm
Telephone (03) 6238 2711
Email coh@hobartcity.com.au

Postal address

Town Hall, Macquarie St
GPO Box 503
Hobart Tasmania 7001