Energy efficiency

Energy efficient design

Energy efficient design is about creating homes that are comfortable for people to live in all year round. That is, naturally cool in summer and warm in winter without the need for costly and time consuming energy sources. Temperature and light are maintained at comfortable levels with a minimum requirement for active systems such as heaters, air conditioners and daytime lighting.

Using energy efficiently is the best way to reduce energy bills and environmental impacts while maintaining or even improving comfort levels. Some solutions cost nothing at all and most investments in energy efficiency pay for themselves through lower energy bills.

Energy efficiency has many benefits for home owners:

  • You will use less energy through energy efficient design and reduce greenhouse gases.
  • You will save money if the sun heats and lights your home, as your power bills will be significantly reduced.
  • Your home will require less effort to heat if you use passive design features as tasks such as wood stacking and splitting will be significantly reduced.

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