Youth Strategy

Aims of the Youth Strategy

  • Demonstrate our commitment to the development and support of young people in the Hobart municipal area.
  • Provide direction for our activities in relation to young people.
  • Provide a framework to assist in prioritising responses to the needs and interests of young people.
  • Assist in the development of annual City of Hobart unit plans designed to achieve specific outcomes with young people and the community.
  • Communicate our direction to the Youth Advisory Squad and other young people, the community and service providers,Governments, funding bodies, and other key stakeholders.

Defining Young People

This strategy generally applies to all young people between the ages of 12 and 25 years old, who live, study, work in and/or visit the City of Hobart.

The Role of the City of Hobart

A key role for the City of Hobart is to identify and respond to the needs and interests of all young people in the Hobart municipal area. We will advocate with and on behalf of young people, as well as support other organisations to access resources to develop and implement programs and activities as part of a capacity building role. The ultimate aim is to develop the City of Hobart as a community and environment where young people can grow and thrive, and contribute to the further development of the City.

Click to view the City of Hobart Youth Strategy 2014-2019(PDF, 497KB).