Fuel breaks network

fuel break - suburban house.jpg

The City of Hobart maintains a network of ‘green fuel breaks’ between its bushland reserves and people’s homes to help protect life and property from destructive bushfire.

Green fuel breaks are open corridors that let fire crews in to carry out cool, patchwork burns that reduce flammable materials on the forest floor, and if there is a bushfire, get in close to the fire front.

Some smooth-barked gums are kept within these buffer zones – if there is a bushfire they disrupt wind flow and capture fire embers before they reach nearby houses. 

Ground cover is maintained as a ‘marsupial lawn’ to prevent soil erosion. The City has discovered that marsupials are highly cost-effective lawn mowers.

The City maintains more than 100 fuel breaks in keeping with Tasmania Fire Service guidelines across approximately 50 hectares of bushland reserves. Maintenance starts in early summer every year to keep bushfire fuel levels low.

For fuel breaks to be effective property owners living adjacent to bushland reserves need to clear away fire-prone vegetation on their property between the house and the bushland reserve boundary.

Prepare now

If you live adjacent to a bushland reserve please help us protect you and your property by following these simple guidelines:

  • Keep the area between your home and the edge of bushland reserves clear of bushfire-prone vegetation:

remove trees and shrubs 2-3 metres or higher

slash/cut grass to below 10 centimetres in height.

• Do not dispose of garden cuttings in nearby bushland.

• Do not plant trees, shrubs or grasses in existing fuel breaks, they hinder the effectiveness of the fuel break and will be removed.

• Lower the bushfire risk on your property by disposing of materials that could easily ignite. This includes dead wood and leaf litter.

• Dispose of garden waste at the Hobart tip during free-entry weekends, which are listed on the tip website page.  

• Report potential fire hazards to 03 6238 2886 or email coh@hobartcity.com.au.