Common parking signs

Parking restrictions differ across the municipality, including the central city. Please remember to always check the parking signs, no matter what time of the day or night. Some signs apply all the time, while others may apply only during certain times.

If a permissive parking sign states ‘meter’ then you must pay for the time you remain parked in the bay at the parking meter allocated for that zone. The meter may be in front of or behind your vehicle. The number on the footpath and the arrow will indicate the bay number and direction of the appropriate parking meter.

You may not stay on a parking meter for longer than the maximum time allowed, as indicated by the permissive parking sign.

We use symbols on parking signs and unnecessary words have been removed. Larger letters and numbers indicate the times, days and parking arrangements that apply.  A green capital ‘P’ stands for 'parking", with the adjacent number indicating the maximum time limit for that zone. Therefore, ‘1P’ means a maximum parking time limit of 1 hour applies. 


List of common parking signs and their meaning
Sign Description
This sign indicates free, maximum 2-hour parking from 7 am to 6.30 pm Monday to Friday. Vehicles are not permitted to stay in this area for more than 2 hours if parked between the specified hours on the specified days. There are no time limits imposed outside of those hours.

This sign indicates a maximum length of stay of 30 minutes and requires payment at a parking meter. These conditions apply between the hours of 9 am and 6 pm Monday to Friday in the direction of the arrow.


This sign shows a 5-minute parking limit. A vehicle cannot be parked in this area for more than 5 minutes at any time.

 2h_disabled_parking_sign.jpg This sign indicates areas that are reserved for vehicles that display a current disabled permit. It also indicates that the maximum time limit for a vehicle to be parked is 2 hours between 9 am and 5 pm every day.



In some circumstances, area signs will be used. A sign is placed at each entry point showing the restrictions. The restriction applies in all streets or parking bays, until you reach an End sign as you leave the area. The number identifies the maximum amount of time that a vehicle may be parked in that area.
No stopping sign

This sign indicates No Stopping. You are not permitted to stop, unless traffic conditions require it (e.g. queuing traffic).

No parking sign

No Parking means you may stop briefly to pick up or drop off people or goods.

Loading zone sign

Loading Zones are for only commercial vehicles loading or unloading (30 minute limit, other conditions apply).