The City of Hobart aims to achieve zero waste to landfill by 2030. That means working together to recycle as much as we can and reduce waste.

City of Hobart downloads

Learn what goes in your general waste bin, recycling bin and FOGO bin.

Want to know more? Download the A to Z of Recyclables list. Here is the flyer to see what can be dropped of at the Council Centre recycling unit.  

Are you curious to know what happens to the rubbish you put into your bins? Download the following flyers:

Food waste comprises nearly half of the rubbish in an average household rubbish bin. Learn how to home compost with a free booklet ‘Home Composting in Hobart’. It covers topics from worm farms to keeping chooks, as well as advice for common composting problems and how to build a no-dig garden.

Single-use plastic reduction resources

The City of Hobart is developing a by-law banning single-use plastics at takeaway food retailers. The by-law is designed to reduce plastic litter and waste going to landfill. The below resources have been developed to assist both businesses and the community transition away from single-use plastics.

Visit the single-use plastic by-law page for further information. 

Tasmania’s Waste Management Groups's recycling information

The three regional Waste Management Groups have collaborated to produce Tasmanian-specific recycling information. The content explains the business of recycling and the national and international context in which it operates.

The materials include Q&As on the business of recycling, a Recycling Commodities table showing where Tasmanian kerbside recycling materials are sent for processing and the proportion of these materials, plus a Non-kerbside Recycling Services table that lists other resource-recovery services available across Tasmania.

About the Groups

Cradle Coast Waste Services, Northern Tasmanian Waste Management Group and Waste Strategy South were established by their local member councils (25 councils across the state) to coordinate waste management services, develop and implement waste management and recycling projects, and encourage community best practices in waste reduction and resource recovery.

The Groups are currently implementing public education and awareness activities as defined in a statewide communications plan. Communication activities are supported by member Council funds or, where available, funds raised through a voluntary waste levy on waste disposed to landfill in Tasmania.

Rethink Waste Tasmania

Rethink Waste Tasmania provides a number of resources and links to help reduce, reuse and recycle in order to decrease the amount of waste that ends up as landfill.