Sandy Bay Retail Precinct Upgrade

The Sandy Bay Retail Precinct on Sandy Bay Road, between Byron Street and Russell Crescent is a centre for major retail activity. However, in recent years the area has been identified as needing revitalisation and there are opportunities to make improvements to the retail strip’s public space, streetscape, and road and footpath infrastructure. 

Following community engagement, the Council resolved to proceed with the project and construction commenced in September 2016. 

The project is delivering improvements to the appearance of the Sandy Bay Retail Precinct that provide a fresh, contemporary look and feel to the street. 

The project involves: 

  • paving the footpaths on Sandy Bay Road between Byron Street and Russell Crescent
  • the installation of street furniture, including more seats, bike racks, drinking fountains and plantings
  • installing a new entry statement to signify the start of the retail precinct
  • changes to the entry to the Woolworths lower car park to improve access to the public toilets
  • improved pedestrian crossings near Magnet Court and in King Street, near Solo Pasta and Pizza
  • investigating the marking of parking bays on Sandy Bay Road to provide a clear indication of the parking spaces
  • installing lit banner poles in the central median island
  • removing the palm trees from the centre of Sandy Bay Road
  • planting three new mature trees in the footpath

As part of the Retail Precinct upgrading works, King Street will also be enhanced. The works involve footpath paving, improved pedestrian access and new street lighting. A plan showing these works is available here(PDF, 121KB).

For more information see the Sandy Bay Retail Project Information Sheet(PDF, 2MB)

Construction impacts 

Construction is likely to continue through to late 2017 or early 2018, with significant changes to traffic lanes, footpaths and parking in order to ensure the safety of the public during the construction. 

In planning this project, every effort has been made to minimise the disruption to the community by:

  • ensuring access to all shops and businesses is always maintained.
  • providing safe routes for pedestrians, business owners and operators, and road users, and a safe working zone for construction personnel.
  • minimising the impact on traffic flow along Sandy Bay Road by keeping two lanes open during peak traffic times.

Project background 

The City of Hobart, with input from the Sandy Bay Traders Group, developed a concept plan in 2015 which listed potential improvements to the publicly-owned land in the area. 

We invited community input to the plan – talking to all retailers, owners of retail properties and local customers within the retail precinct during June 2015.

More than 300 people participated in the community engagement conducted during June 2015 and there was strong support for the revitalisation of the area. 

The proposal to replace the palm trees in the pedestrian island and add banner poles to promote seasonal activities strongly divided opinion. In response to a petition that requested the removal of the palm trees from the middle of the road and the installation of banner poles, the City Infrastructure Committee considered all available information and the Council subsequently resolved to support the petitioners’ request. View the report on palm trees and banner poles in Sandy Bay(PDF, 549KB)

A report detailing the outcomes of the community engagement, including the revised streetscape plan, was approved by the Council on 7 September 2015. View the Sandy Bay Streetscape Infrastructure Report(PDF, 3MB).

Modifications to Occupation Licences

On 4 September 2017, the Council endorsed the relocation of occupation licence areas, dining areas and signboards away from the building line in the Sandy Bay retail precinct.

Businesses in this area will be required to relocate their furniture clear of building lines from 1 November 2017. Further consultation will occur with the affected businesses to advise them of the changes and answer any questions they may have in the lead up to the changes being implemented.

These changes will result in easier and safer access along the footpath for people with disabilities and older people and will assist them to find door entrances into businesses. The changes avoid the need for those people with disabilities to negotiate through outdoor dining areas, tables and chairs, which can be challenging. It will also aid the vision impaired community and assists guide dogs who are trained to find door entrances into businesses.

The report that provides a background and the reasons for these changes is contained in the City Infrastructure Committee agenda (item 6.3) of the meeting held on 23 August 2017 and can be accessed here.


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