Salamanca Place

About the Project

Salamanca Place on Hobart’s waterfront is a precinct for major hospitality and retail activity, as well as being home to one of Australia’s most loved outdoor markets. In recent years the area has been identified as being in need of revitalisation. The project will deliver great improvements to the appearance and amenity of Salamanca Place and provide a fresh, contemporary look and feel to the street.

The project will involve:

  • Widening and re-paving the footpath on Salamanca Place between Gladstone Place and Montpelier Retreat;
  • Improving stormwater drainage;
  • Improving access for visually impaired pedestrians as well as people with limited mobility by clearing the building line of tables, chairs and signs; and
  • Removing tripping hazards by creating a smooth transition between the footpath and road.

Construction Impacts

Construction will commence on 1 May 2017 and will conclude in mid-spring 2017.

While the works are underway there will be significant changes to traffic lanes, footpaths and parking in order to ensure the safety of the public during the construction.

In planning this project, every effort has been made to minimise disruption to the community by:

  • Ensuring access to all shops and businesses is maintained;
  • Providing safe routes for pedestrians, business operators, road users and a safe working zone for construction personnel; and
  • Minimising the impact on traffic flow along Salamanca Place by keeping two lanes open at all times.

During the construction it is expected that there will be traffic delays and disruption for businesses and the community, and you are thanked in advance for your patience and understanding.


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