South Hobart pedestrian improvements

The pedestrian improvements in South Hobart are a result of a grassroots community action. During the past few years, the City has been working with the local community to develop a set of traffic calming measures to improve pedestrian safety in the area.

In 2016 South Hobart residents successfully applied for the Federal Government's Black Spot road safety program to install two crossings in Macquarie Street at Bupa Aged Care South Hobart and at Lady Gowrie Integrated Child and Family Centre. The City of Hobart supported the nomination and matched the funding.

Responding to a further request from the community to ensure all pedestrians can cross the road easily and safely, the City installed two all-ability traffic signals between the Mark on Macquarie butcher shop and South Hobart Capital Chemist.

In addition, five raised thresholds were installed at side street intersections along the southern side of Macquarie Street to make a continuous accessible footpath from Southern Outlet to Darcy Street.

An intersection of Macquarie Street and Elboden Street was also improved to provide level access across the street. The shopping area now has new seating, bike parking, paving and planting to make it more pleasant and sociable.

Furthermore, the City added some water-sensitive urban design features – rain gardens in the kerb outstands near Bupa Aged Care South Hobart specially designed to slow down the stormwater and filter it before it enters the Derwent Estuary.

This was quite a complex project requiring the coordination of not only the Council construction crew, but also that of electricians, traffic signal consultants, drilling experts and paving contractors. The project was delivered efficiently and safely, without any accidents and maintaining safe pedestrian access at all times.

The city expresses its gratitude to local traders and the community for their patience and support throughout the construction period.


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