Smarter Hobart Challenge

Your mission…to design the world’s most innovative interactive bus shelter!

Hobart City Council thinks you can, so we’ve created The Smarter Hobart Challenge – Bus Shelter and Integrated Digital Interface Design Competition 2020… a creative challenge for the community to bring forward their most innovative and exciting ideas to help transform Hobart’s public transport services, and help make waiting for the bus reliable, safe, accessible and socially connective.

As a part of the City’s Connected Hobart Action Plan to develop smart city initiatives and respond to sustainability and climate change imperatives, this Competition is open to creative thinkers, designers, technologists and creative teams wherever they may be.

With recent global changes to the way we live, connect and work, the Interactive Bus Shelters will become an integral part of the City’s growing smart ecosystem keeping future communities connected, safe, empowered and informed. They will also help to reduce our dependence on cars as the primary source of first and last mile travel in Hobart.

So let’s reimagine the way we experience our urban landscape. Let’s change the daily commute into a playful, immersive and personalised experience that is truly amazing. With $25,000 total prize money and three easy steps to creating a cleaner, healthier and more engaging world, why wouldn’t you?

Please note that submissions are now closed. The City of Hobart has received a huge response to this design competition and the results have been of an incredibly high standard. The Connected Hobart team would like to thank all the participants for their entries. The shortlisted teams for Stage two will be notified through their contact details and information will be posted to this page when a decision has been made.

Illustration of people in smart bus shelters with Coh/Connected Hobart logo lockup