Sandy Bay walking and cycling project

The Sandy Bay Road Walking and Cycling project is an integral part of our vision to achieve sustainable transport outcomes and make Hobart a more liveable and people-friendly city.

The concept for this project is based primarily on serving the needs of commuter and recreational walkers and bike riders through Sandy Bay and lower Sandy Bay while catering for the needs of all road users. Safe and direct access to key activity centres is the major focus, followed by access to popular recreational sites. 

Construction for Stage 3 of the project was completed in early 2017. This stage involved on-road painted bike lanes on each side of Sandy Bay Road between Wayne Avenue and the city’s southern boundary at Taroona. 

This stage is approximately 2.5 km long and is similar to the first stage of bike lanes installed between Derwentwater Avenue and Long Point Road. 

In addition to the bike lanes, the project also included road surface and footpath repairs, additional pedestrian crossing points and on-street parking changes. There were also some sections of Sandy Bay Road that were widened to make sure there is enough space on the road for both bikes and motor vehicles. 

Importantly, the speed limit in this section of Sandy Bay Road has been reduced to 50 km/h. This will improve the safety of all road users, especially pedestrians, and is consistent with the greater urban speed limit across the city. 

Previous project stages

Stage 1 of the project was to provide on-road painted bike lanes on each side of Sandy Bay Road, between Derwentwater Avenue and Long Point Road. In March 2014, the Council resolved to proceed with Stage 2 of the project. 

Stage 2 created a widened footpath for pedestrians and cyclists on the eastern side of Sandy Bay Road between Marieville Esplanade and Derwentwater Avenue and was completed in October 2014.

The City acknowledges the support of the Australian Government’s Roads to Recovery programme for providing the funding for these two stages of the project.


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