North-South mountain bike track repairs

  • Completion date30 November 2018

Repairs to the iconic North-South mountain bike track on kunanyi /Mount Wellington were completed at the end of November 2018. The devastating floods in May 2018 had carved out a four-metre crater around the Clapper Bridge.

The City of Hobart’s track workers spent all winter working on the rejuvenated Pinnacle Track, before turning their attention to repairing the North-South Track, rerouting the track 10 metres upstream.

The rest of the North-South Track between The Springs and Clapper Bridge withstood the May floods. 

Originally built as part of the North-South Track, the Clapper Bridge was based on a method dating back to medieval England where large slabs of flat stone were placed across rivers.

The Clapper Bridge quickly became a signature feature of the award-winning North-South Track, with its design reflecting the surrounding natural environment.

A new bridge 

Repairs to the North-South Track include building a new stone bridge across the New Town Rivulet.

Our track building team often liken this highly intricate work to putting a giant jigsaw puzzle together, only they are working with local stone, some pieces weighing as much as three tonnes.

Winches, small excavators and the careful placement of individual rocks by hand are all part of the process. The end product is a beautiful stone bridge across the rivulet made out of local materials and that is designed to blend into the landscape.

North South Track progress 2.jpgNorth South Track progress 3.jpgNorth South Track progress Nov 2018.jpg