Liverpool Street embankment improvements

Liverpool Street embankment

In May 2018 an extreme weather event resulted in significant flooding to properties across Hobart. During this storm event the embankment along Liverpool Street between Molle Street and Liverpool Crescent experienced a landslip, due to the excess water flowing overland.

Since that time the City of Hobart has been working to upgrade the stormwater and road infrastructure in Liverpool Street, West Hobart to ensure the stormwater system has greater capacity to cope during increased rainfall events and more extreme weather, and the potential risk of damage to properties and the roadway is reduced.

The City secured Australian Government emergency disaster relief funding to undertake remedial steps along this stretch of Liverpool Street.

First Stage

In August 2020 work was carried out to extend the stormwater main in Liverpool Street and install new drainage pits between 356-290 Liverpool Street. This work was to reduce the surface flow during high rainfall events which disrupts road usage and negatively impacts the existing road embankment.

Second Stage

The next stage of works commenced in February 2021 and involved the construction of a retaining wall within the road embankment opposite 369-377 Liverpool Street. This was necessary work to provide long-term stabilisation of the embankment and the roadway above.

Liverpool Street embankment panorama

This stage of work was done in phases:

  • The first phase was the relocation of a water main in the embankment which involved some excavation works.
  • Next, a retaining wall was built within the road embankment opposite 369-377 Liverpool Street, which will provide long-term stabilisation of the embankment and the road above.
  • The final phase included a new curb constructed along this section of Liverpool Street, and a resurfacing of the roadway.


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