Augusta Road electronic speed signs

Augusta Road electronic speed signs

Electronic speed signs have been installed on Augusta Road in Lenah Valley, between Giblin Street and Murchison Street.

The installation of 40km/h electronic sign for lowering speed (ESLS) will provide a lower and safer environment in that retail precinct.

The four electronic speed signs are now in operation. They lower the speed limit to 40km/h between the hours of 7 am - 7 pm Monday to Thursday and 7 am - 10 pm Friday to Sunday. The speed limit will then revert to 50km/h outside of these hours.

The Lenah Valley retail precinct was upgraded in 2018/19, and as a vibrant suburban retail precinct with high pedestrian numbers and on-street short-term vehicle parking, it is well suited to a lower speed environment. An application for the speed zone change has been approved by the Transport Commissioner, and the City of Hobart has a Transport Commission Direction for the installation of electronic variable 40km/h speed limit signs on Augusta Road in the Lenah Valley retail precinct.

The key outcome of the project is to improve road safety outcomes in this suburban retail precinct areas by lowering the posted speed limit, by of using variable speed limit signage.

Construction of the new electronic speed signs began in May 2022, and was completed in July 2022.

Augusta Road electronic speed signs locations

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