The Missing Link Mountain Bike Project

The City of Hobart is starting a new mountain bike project to  expand the range of riding experiences in the foothills of kunanyi / Mount Wellington.

Stage one of the Project is called ‘The Missing Link’. It will involve the construction of two new mountain bike trails to connect the Middle Island, Rivulet, Bracken Lane and O’Grady’s fire trails. The extra tracks will form a large loop easily accessible from many locations.

A smaller loop where downhill riders can perfect their skills will include the formalisation of the ‘Drops Track’, bringing it up to international standards as a single use, downhill mountain bike track.

Missing Link Map 2018(PDF, 5MB)

The City of Hobart’s highly experienced Track Team will be responsible for overseeing the design and construction of these tracks. Professional contractors may be required to help resource the project. 

Volunteers from the riding community will also be involved in the design and construction of the ‘Drops Track’. To get involved, please register with Trackcare.