South Hobart Pedestrian Crossing Improvements

The City of Hobart has recently completed the following pedestrian improvements in South Hobart:

  • The pedestrian crossing at Bupa Aged Care South Hobart has been enhanced.
  • The pedestrian crossing at Lady Gowrie Integrated Child and Family Centre has been enhanced.
  • A temporary crossing has been installed between South Hobart Capital Chemist and South Hobart Butchery at the corner of Elboden Street. This crossing is expected to be replaced with a permanent crossing point with traffic signals in mid-February (subject to Department of State Growth approvals). Download the proposed plan for the traffic lights installation(PDF, 1MB) .

Further improvements

To create a continuous step-free path along the south side of Macquarie Street, raised thresholds will be installed at four side streets – Anglesea, Denison, Weld and Downie streets. 

Raised thresholds will lift the road level to that of the footpath, providing improved wheelchair and pram access. The raised thresholds will require cars travelling across them to slow down, creating a safer space for pedestrians at crossing points.

Installation will start in the second week of October and is planned to be finished in December 2018. The thresholds will be installed one after the other, with approximately three weeks required to complete each threshold. 

Road closures

To complete the works on time and ensure safety of all road users, there will be road closures at the Anglesea, Denison, Weld and Downie streets’ intersections with Macquarie Street.  

The closures will occur in the following order:

  • Anglesea Street crossing – from 8 October until 1 November 2018. 
  • Denison Street crossing – from 15 October until 9 November 2018. 
  • Weld Street crossing – from 22 October until 11 November 2018. 
  • Downie Street crossing – from 8 November 2018 until 30 November 2018.

The timing of these works is subject to weather conditions. For more information about the raised thresholds, download the scope of works for the threshold installation(PDF, 904KB)

View the detour maps below. 

Anglesea Street and Denison Street crossings


Weld Street and Downie Street crossings


Pedestrian access around the works will be maintained at all times and there is no anticipated change to traffic flow in South Hobart. Any impact to parking on Macquarie Street will kept to a minimum.    

Access to businesses and residences directly adjacent to the area of work will be maintained at all times. Before works start, City of Hobart officers will visit businesses and residences in the vicinity of the works to discuss specific operational requirements.

Local Retail Precinct Upgrade - 2021

The 2018 improvements will be just the beginning of a more substantial upgrade of the South Hobart shopping area. 

The City of Hobart is working with community and trader groups in a number of local neighbourhoods to revitalise main street shopping areas as part of the ‘Local Retail Precincts Plan’.

As part of the Local Retail Precincts Plan the South Hobart village streetscape will be revitalised. We will start planning and engaging with the South Hobart community in 2020, with construction planned for 2021.

More information about the Plan can be found here: Local Retail Precincts Plan


Stephen Dickinson
Senior Project Manager
T: 6238 2925


Louisa Gordon
Community Engagement Advisor
T: 6238 2845