Salamanca Place precinct upgrade

Morrison Street

Stage 2 of the Salamanca Place Precinct Upgrade was successfully completed in December last year. These improvements included the installation of pedestrian crossings and flat kerbs, improved stormwater capacity, wider footpaths outside of Princes Wharf 1 and the installation of bicycle racks, seating, lighting, CCTV capability and planter boxes.

The new Salamanca Place plaza area connects the Morrison Street waterfront area to Salamanca Place and has been designed to make it easier and safer for people to move through this area.

We are now finalising the documentation for Stage 3 of this project, which will see further footpath extensions, pedestrian crossings, lighting and CCTV installations. We are expecting the on-ground works to be scheduled in 2022, and will keep you informed.

Artist impression

Artist impression

About the project

The City of Hobart has been upgrading the precinct connecting Salamanca Place to Hobart's waterfront. The area houses major hospitality and retail activity, as well as being home to Salamanca Market.

The $3.5 million upgrade gives the area a fresh, contemporary feel and provides a high-quality, safe and accessible space for everyone. The project is being delivered in multiple stages, many of which have already been completed.

The upgrade is part of the Inner City Action Plan, which responds to key recommendations from the Gehl Architects Report, Hobart 2010 Public Spaces and Public Life – a city with people in mind. The recommendations aim to attract people and activity into Hobart and to create a vital, dynamic city centre.

The Gehl report made specific reference to the Salamanca and the Waterfront in its recommendations:

"A waterfront where people can walk, sit and enjoy the water"
"Develop the waterfront area into a world class people place so that the waterfront becomes a true city destination"
"Create a fantastic public realm"
"Salamanca Place…. a space for the priority of pedestrians"

Key Priorities

  • Creating a more connected space between the Hobart Waterfront and Salamanca Place.
  • Making Salamanca Place pedestrian friendly by giving priorities to people rather than vehicles.
  • Removing kerbs to create a step free zone, increasing accessibility and improving the space for events such as the Salamanca Market, Taste and Dark MOFO.
  • Increasing lighting and installing new CCTV to help create a safer precinct for our local community and visitors.
  • Enhancing the look and feel of Salamanca with new plants and street furniture.

Completed work

  • Stage 1 involved upgrades to the existing footpath between Gladstone Street and Montpellier Retreat. This included widening the footpath along Salamanca Place to improve outdoor dining areas for local hospitality businesses. Additionally, a new flush was installed to help eliminate trip hazards during the Salamanca Market and new pavers were installed to create a smoother surface and a contemporary look.
  • Stage 2A included increased the size of the footpath in front of Princes Wharf 1, installing a new zebra crossing on Castray Esplanade and installing flush kerbs on Morrison Street. The southbound one-way road that ran from Morrison Street to Montpelier Retreat through the Salamanca Lawns was closed to make way for the new plaza area. New lighting and CCTV capability was installed as well as bicycle racks, seating and planter boxes.
  • Stage 2B included major upgrades to the stormwater infrastructure in Castray Esplanade across to Salamanca Place to improve drainage during large rainfall events. Work was completed around the Abel Tasman Monument and the nearby car park. Gladstone Street was widened and a dedicated right hand turn lane into Castray Esplanade was added. Flush kerbing was installed along Gladstone Street and two new zebra crossings were added across Salamanca Place. Finally, the new plaza area was created near the Salamanca Lawns and retractable bollards were installed to support the operation of Salamanca Market.

Stage 3

  • The footpath area will be increased at the intersection of Montpellier Retreat and Salamanca Place (outside The Whaler). A new flush kerb will be installed and the old pavers replaced with the new style introduced in Stage 1.
  • A number of parking spaces will be removed to create extra footpath space on the road side of The Whaler's outdoor dining area allowing for a new zebra crossing to be installed across Salamanca Place, subject to further engineering assessment. This crossing will allow for full pedestrian priority from the waterfront to Salamanca.
  • Extra lighting will be installed to better illuminate the Montpellier Retreat and Salamanca Place intersection.
  • New CCTV will also be installed to help create a safer precinct.


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