Midtown expanded outdoor dining trial

Midtown expanded outdoor dining trial

The City of Hobart is delivering the Midtown Expanded Outdoor Dining Trial, supported by the Tasmanian Government through the Ready for Business Program.

The program will provide temporary expanded outdoor dining and street seating space, greening and bicycle racks in Elizabeth Street between Melville Street and Brisbane Street - for a 12-month trial period.

Cities around the world are delivering expanded outdoor dining areas to support the hospitality sector to continue trading safely during the pandemic. This pilot program will provide the opportunity to learn how providing more outdoor dining space can contribute to city life and support hospitality businesses in Hobart.

What is being installed?

Two 'no-dig' footpath extensions will be installed, with built-in seating, planter boxes and bike racks. Line marking on the road, including a section of uphill bicycle lane will also be installed as part of the trial.

Artist impression

Why is Midtown the location for the trial?

The City has engaged Midtown businesses and other stakeholders over the past two years to develop the Midtown Streetscape Concept Design. This plan was endorsed by Council in December 2020 and the Ready for Business trial aligns well with the community's future vision for the street to be people oriented, greener, more vibrant and accessible.

The trial will provide an opportunity to test and refine the concept on the ground with a low-cost, reversible solution before implementing a more significant streetscape upgrade.

The outdoor dining platforms have been co-designed with local hospitality businesses who are participating in the program.

When will this happen?

The program is to be trialed for 12 months, and we will be engaging with businesses and visitors during this time.

Who is involved?

This project is supported by the Tasmanian Government through the Ready for Business Program.

The City of Hobart is co-contributing and managing the roll-out.

Each site has a 'host' business which will have a permit to occupy the space for trading, during their operating hours. Host businesses are Island Espresso, The Stagg, Grinners Dive Bar and Rude Boy. Outside of the hosts' operating hours, the new areas and seating are part of the streetscape and will be open and available for all to enjoy.

Supported by Tasmanian Government