Lenah Valley Road bridge upgrade

Lenah Valley Road bridge

The City of Hobart is replacing the road and pedestrian bridges on Lenah Valley Road over the New Town Rivulet.

The new bridge will be wider for better access and will also improve sight lines for safety.

The concrete and steel structure will be more durable and resistant to fire and flood risks to better protect the local community from being isolated or exposed during an emergency event. The pedestrian bridge will have a recycled plastic surface to improve safety for pedestrians.

Works have started and are expected to be completed by October 2021. Environmental control measures are in place for the installation and the contractors are working closely with City of Hobart staff to monitor and assess ongoing works.

The existing timber bridge was built in 1947 and we will be looking at how we can best recycle the elements from the old bridge into other places.

The project is part-funded by the Bridge Renewal Program of the Australian Government, which aims to replace timber bridges at the end of their service life.


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