Lansdowne Crescent improvements

In 2019 the City of Hobart completed underground stormwater system upgrade works in Lansdowne Crescent, West Hobart, between Hill Street and Warwick Street, including Blackwood Avenue. 

Installation of a new stormwater system and reconstruction of the footpath, kerb and gutter in Lansdowne Crescent were undertaken in the area from in front of 60 Lansdowne Crescent up to 29 Alison Street. A raised threshold at the Poets Road/Lansdowne Crescent intersection and new kerb ramp at Petty Street and Warwick Street intersection were constructed to facilitate better pedestrian access and safety in the area.

The area can now enjoy the following:

  • upgraded stormwater infrastructure and drainage
  • new sections of kerb, gutter and footpaths
  • improved pedestrian crossings
  • new street trees.

Future works

Some minor maintenance works will be carried out in the area between now and February 2020. More significant works will take place during the January school holidays in 2020, to take advantage of the reduced traffic movements.

Pavement repair works

Pavement repair works to improve a section of Lansdowne Crescent between Petty and Hill streets in West Hobart will be undertaken from Tuesday 7 January to Tuesday 31 January 2020.

Metro services will be diverted from Lansdowne Crescent to Hill Street. Bus stops in Lansdowne Crescent will be temporarily relocated to the front of 21 and 57 Hill Street during the construction period.