Elector Poll 2019 FAQs - Building Heights Standard Review



From Wednesday 26 June to Monday 15 July 2019, members of the electorate for the City of Hobart municipal area will be receiving information from theTasmanian Electoral Commission for the elector poll taking place on the Building Heights Standard Review and officer's report in response to maximum allowable heights in the Hobart area. 

The Elector Poll has now ended and ballot papers are now being counted by the Tasmanian Electoral Commission.  

Frequently Asked Questions

We have provided the public with some helpful answers about the project and the voting process. 

Information pack contents

Detailed information about the ballot and contents may be found on the Tasmanian Electoral Commission website


What is an Elector Poll?

An elector poll must be held by councils if requested by petition. Elector polls are legislated by the Tasmanian State Government and is a council obligation in response to members of the electorate requesting and receiving the required 1000 signatures in support of one.

Further information may be found in the Local Government Act 1993 Part 6, Division 2, 60C.

Who conducted the Elector Poll?

The Tasmanian Elector Commission was asked to undertake administering this elector poll. The three questions asked for the poll have been developed through a consultative process with the group that lodged the petition ('Hobart, Not Highrise') and City of Hobart officers. 

The elector poll is a democratic right provided within the Local Government Act 1993, that is funded by the Hobart City Council. 

Why did we have an Elector Poll?

An elector poll was petitioned for by members of the Hobart community following a public meeting on 16 April 2019 on the Building Heights Standard Review and officer reports. 

Who can vote in an Elector Poll?

If you previously voted in the local government elections in 2018, you are eligible to vote on the elector poll. You are also eligible if you are on the State electoral roll or the City of Hobart General Manager's roll. You can check your eligibility by visiting Tasmanian Electoral Commission

Is voting in an Elector poll compulsory?

No. Voting is not compulsory. 

When/where did the Elector Poll take place?

The 2019 Hobart City Council elector poll ballots will be delivered via Australian Post by the Tasmanian Electoral Commission from Wednesday 26 June 2019. Registered Local Government roll residents can vote by return ballot until Monday 15 July. 

How did we get here?

You can read the background of the Building Heights Standard Review on the City of Hobart website.

Who wrote the ballot questions for the Elector poll?

Background information and support cases, along with 3 questions have been developed through a consultative process with the group that lodged the petition (‘Hobart, Not Highrise’) and City of Hobart staff.

What happens after an Elector poll?

  1. After the elector poll closes on Monday 15 July, the Tasmanian Elector Commission will send the results of the ballots received to the City of Hobart General Manager. The GM will then add the results to the next Council meeting agenda for discussion. 
  2. The results of the elector poll must be published in the newspaper.
  3. The Local Government Act 1993 60E(2) states that the results of an elector poll is not binding on a council.