Building Height Standards Review

To ensure the height of development in the central area of Hobart and Sullivans Cove makes a positive contribution to the streetscape and townscape values, and meets community expectations, in June 2018, the City of Hobart commissioned an architect and urban design consultant Leigh Woolley to undertake a review of its current building height standards.

Leigh Woolley prepared a Building Height Standards Review, which was used by the City of Hobart to develop a report – Central Hobart Building Height Standards Review Project - Proposed Planning Scheme Amendments. The report presents the outcomes of the review and outlines appropriate maximum (non-discretionary) height limits for inclusion in the Hobart Interim Planning Scheme 2015 (HIPS 2015) and the Sullivans Cove Planning Scheme 1997 (SCPS 1997).

The Building Height Standards Review and Proposed Planning Scheme Amendments reports have been endorsed by the Council to be released for community engagement from 5 September 2018 until 17 October.

Suggested planning scheme amendments

The proposed planning scheme amendments based on the outcomes of the Building Height Standards Review are summarised below:

In the Central Business Zone it is proposed that the height control planes be implemented by the designation of five Height Areas as shown on the map below.

For each of Height Areas 1 to 5 an acceptable solution (permitted) maximum height is specified along with a suggested absolute maximum height that would be contained in the performance criteria. These range from 18 m in Height Area 5 to 60 m in Height Area 1. In Height Area 4 the performance criteria also requires a transition in the height of development within Height Area 4 between higher buildings in the inner core of the Central Business Zone (Height Area 1) and lower buildings in adjacent zones and Height Area 5.  

In Height Area 4 the absolute height limit proposed is 45 m or 21 m if within 50 m of land within Height Area 5 or the Commercial Zone.

It is also proposed that the sites currently zoned Commercial between Melville and Brisbane streets be rezoned to Central Business.

New figures showing the view lines and view cones identified in Section 4 of the Building Height Standards Review Report are also to be included.

Other amendments relate to the performance criteria and the requirement for the preparation of an ‘Urban Context Report’ and a design response.

In the Commercial Zone (Height Area 8 on the map below) it is proposed that the maximum height limit be 18 m.

In the Urban Mixed Use Zone (Height Area 9 on the map below) it is proposed that the maximum height limit be 15 m.

In the Sullivans Cove Planning Scheme 1997 (Height Area 6 on the map below) it is proposed to introduce an absolute maximum height of 21 m for Wapping and 18 m for the rest of Sullivans Cove.

Maximum heights in the Macquarie Point Site Development Plan area are yet to be determined as the Master Plan is currently under review.