Building Height Standards Review

To ensure the height of development in the central area of Hobart and Sullivans Cove makes a positive contribution to the streetscape and townscape values, and meets community expectations, in June 2018, the City of Hobart commissioned an architect and urban design consultant Leigh Woolley to undertake a review of its current building height standards.

Leigh Woolley prepared a Building Height Standards Review, which was used by the City of Hobart to develop a report – Central Hobart Building Height Standards Review Project - Proposed Planning Scheme Amendments. The report presents the outcomes of the review and outlines appropriate maximum (non-discretionary) height limits for inclusion in the Hobart Interim Planning Scheme 2015 (HIPS 2015) and the Sullivans Cove Planning Scheme 1997 (SCPS 1997).

The Building Height Standards Review and Proposed Planning Scheme Amendments reports were endorsed by the Council to be released for community engagement from 5 September 2018 until 17 October 2018.

On 10 December 2018, following the engagement process, the City Planning Committee proposed to lower the height limits in Hobart’s city centre from the 60 metres recommended in the planning scheme amendment report to 45 metres. It was also proposed to lower the height limits in four of other height areas.

Subsequently, the 45 metre height limit was not approved and the recommendation to seek further expert advice was made.

On 4 March 2019 the Hobart City Council voted to defer consideration of the matter to allow for further discussions between Council and the State Government, as requested by the Minister for Planning.

Correspondence-from-the-Hon-Roger-Jaensch-MP(PDF, 76KB)

Community consultation outcomes

We have received 319 submissions. The key conclusions are:

  • 275 (86%) respondents support the concept of including absolute maximum height limits in the planning schemes.
  • 22 (7%) respondents did not support the concept of including maximum height limits in the planning schemes and in the remaining 21 (6.5%) it was unclear whether height limits were supported or not.
  • Of the respondents that supported maximum height limits, 83 (30%) supported the limits suggested in the draft planning scheme amendments, 69 (25%) did not support the limits suggested, 22 (8%) expressed partial support and in the other 101 (37%) submissions support for or against was not clear.
  • Of the respondents that did not agree with, or only partially agreed with, the limits suggested in the draft planning scheme amendments, 89 (98%) considered that the limits were too high.
  • 21 (7%) respondents specifically stated that a maximum building height of 60m was too high.
  • A number of suggestions were made as to what the maximum height limits should be; these ranged from a maximum of 15m for the whole city to a maximum of 75 m. In Sullivans Cove suggested maximum heights ranged from 12m to 18m.

View the full report(PDF, 224KB).

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