Cascade strategic land review

The Cascade strategic land review is a joint project between Carlton & United Breweries, Cascade Brewery and the City of Hobart.

The aim of the project is to examine the attributes of the 250 hectare Cascade Estate as a whole, and develop a long-term plan to progress shared objectives for the estate, including:


  1. To ensure the Cascade estate provides for continued operation and (potential) future growth of the Cascade Brewery.
  2. To maximise the benefit of the estate to the Cascade brand.
  3. To conserve significant natural values within the context of surrounding land use.
  4. To provide, maintain and improve recreational access where appropriate.
  5. To conserve culturally significant values, including aesthetic, scientific, historic and social values.
  6. To further cooperative approaches to land management responsibilities, including access, weed control and bushfire risk management.
  7. To facilitate sustainable use and development of the Cascade estate.

It is hoped that the Cascade strategic land review will lead to a range of initiatives for the estate that, when taken as a whole, deliver broad economic, conservation and recreational benefits to Carlton & United Breweries, the City of Hobart and the Tasmanian community.

Preliminary community engagement and the review of the estate values was undertaken by Inspiring Place between February and June 2015. Inspiring Place documented these findings, and prepared a draft strategy outlining their recommendations for future management of the estate.

This draft strategy has been submitted to both Cascade and the Hobart City Council for endorsement. The Council is currently awaiting advice from Cascade that the draft strategy has been endorsed for public release and comment. Following endorsement by both Cascade and the Hobart City Council, the draft strategy will be exhibited, and public comment on the recommendations will be sought.


At 250 ha, the Cascade Estate is the largest privately-owned bushland area within the Hobart municipal area. The estate contains significant environmental values and a range of heritage values arising from its early use. Its location between Wellington Park and the suburbs of South Hobart, West Hobart and Lenah Valley, means the estate is also a well-used – albeit informal – recreational area for walking, running, dog walking and mountain biking.

The project is underpinned by a Memorandum of Understanding which contains a number of shared objectives for the project.

The project builds upon previous collaborations between the Cascade Brewery and the City in which the Cascade Brewery provided access to its land, and funding to assist in the construction of a 2.2 km Cascade Walking Track in 2011 which links the much-loved Hobart Rivulet Park and kunanyi/Mount Wellington’s tracks.