Bridge across the Tasman Highway

  • Project scheduleLate 2017 - November 2018
  • Completion date11 November 2018
Tasman Highway Memorial Bridge - image 2.jpg

About the bridge

The City of Hobart will build a bridge across the Tasman Highway, from the Cenotaph to the Domain. The aim of this bridge is to provide a shared pedestrian/cyclist link, connecting the Cenotaph and Regatta Grounds with the rest of the Queens Domain.

Construction of the bridge will commence in late 2017 and works will be finalised by 11 November 2018.

The decision to build a link across the Tasman Highway was made following the completion of the 2013 Queens Domain Master Plan. The plan identified the need to provide a link between the Cenotaph and Soldiers Memorial Avenue on the Domain, two of Hobart’s most significant public spaces. Find out more about the background of this project here: Tasman Highway bridge project - background information(PDF, 244KB)

The key features of the design

  • well-lit, for the safety of users
  • accessible to people of all abilities
  • four metres wide and approximately 200 metres long
  • provides safe and universal access to the Soldiers Memorial Avenue and Doone Kennedy Hobart Aquatic Centre on the western side
  • connects to the Inter City Cycleway and other existing Domain and Cenotaph pathways on the eastern side
  • is over 6.5m high for over-sized vehicles over two lanes of the Tasman Highway and a minimum of 5.4m high over all other lanes
  • a high quality design, which will display well both in day light and after dark
  • minimal impact on existing memorials, including trees 

How will it be funded?

The Australian Government is providing $8 million from the ANZAC Centenary Public Fund for the development of the bridge. 

What's the bridge called?

The bridge needs a name and the City is currently asking the community to tell us their preference from three options provided.  To tell us which name you prefer go to Your Say Hobart and choose an option before 22 November 2017.