Natural gas rebate

The City of Hobart’s natural gas rebate gives Hobart ratepayers a $250 incentive to connect to natural gas and install gas appliances. While natural gas is still a non-renewable source of energy, it produces lower greenhouse gas emissions than coal fired power plants. You do not need a council permit to connect to the gas network.

The $250 rebate is for natural gas appliances purchased as a part of a household connecting to the natural gas network. The rebate will be available to the first 525 eligible applications and, if approved, will be applied to your next rates notice. 

Please note that the rebates are closing on 31 March 2018.

You are eligible for a rebate if:

  • you have the natural gas service line and meter installed by Tas Gas at your property after 30 January 2012
  • the installation of gas appliances is completed by a registered gas fitter
  • you are a ratepayer in the City of Hobart
  • the property is located within the City of Hobart.

The rebate is limited to one rebate per property or separate dwelling, and is available to all ratepayers regardless of rental or owner-occupation status of the property.

The City of Hobart will require adequate proof of purchase of appliances and installation by a registered gas fitter, as well as proof of the date that Tas Gas metered the property. Acceptable documentation and terms and conditions of the scheme are specified on the natural gas rebate application form.(PDF, 170KB) You may also collect an application form in person from the Customer Service Centre, 16 Elizabeth Street, Hobart.

The application process

  1. Once you have the natural gas service line and meter installed at your property through Tas Gas and have purchased and installed the gas appliances (your registered gas fitter must sign the application form to be eligible for the rebate) make sure you keep receipts for appliances and your gas fitting notice.
  2. Complete the Natural Gas Rebate Application Form(PDF, 170KB) and attach copies of the letter from Tas Gas notifying you of the installation of the gas service line and meter at your property, gas appliance receipts, and the gas fitting notice completed by your registered gas fitter.
  3. Submit documentation either in person at the Customer Service Centre, 16 Elizabeth Street, Hobart, or by mail to:

    Natural Gas Rebate
    City of Hobart
    GPO Box 503
    HOBART  TAS  7001

  4. Await notification of application success (usually about two weeks).

For more information, phone 03 6238 2711.

Terms and conditions

  1. The Rebate Scheme began on 30 January 2012 and will be continued until 31 March 2018. Please note that you are only eligible for a rebate if the gas service line and meter was installed at your property after the 30 January 2012.
  2. All properties for which owners are seeking rebates must be located within the City of Hobart.
  3. Any rebate granted will be deducted from the total owing on the property owner's rates notice after the application has been assessed.
  4. The Natural Gas Rebate is available to all ratepayers regardless of rental or owner-occupation status of the property, but is limited to one rebate per rate-able property or separate dwelling.
  5. The proof of the date that the gas service line and meter were installed at the property must be in the form of the completion letter sent to you from Tas Gas.
  6. The gas appliance must be installed by a certified gas fitter.
  7. All receipts presented as proof of purchase of appliances must be official cash register receipts and include information on the place and date of purchase.
  8. The proof of connection of gas appliances must be in the form of a copy of the gas fitting notice provided by the certified gas fitter.
  9. In order to claim the Natural Gas Rebate, the applicant must provide correct and complete information on the application form.
  10. Elements of the rebate program may be subject to change without notice.
  11. Council accepts no liability for any losses or damages resulting from the installation or use of natural gas appliances for which the property owner has received rebates.
  12. The applicant agrees to indemnify Council with respect to any dissatisfaction or damage arising from the use of purchased appliances for which a Natural Gas Rebate is being sought.