State of the Environment Report

Local councils have a greater responsibility for the local environment than any other organisations.

Within the Hobart municipal area, the City of Hobart has a leading role in most aspects of environmental management.

In December 1998, we released our first State of the Environment (SoE) report.

We have now released our second State of the Environment Report, available as a PDF document. It contains chapters on atmosphere, biodiversity, land, inland waters & wetlands, and coastal, estuarine and marine areas. It is based on the State Government's 2003 SoE report structure, excepting that there are no chapters on 'Settlements' or 'Cultural Heritage'. 

The SoE Report 2010 has been completed to take into account the changes in responsibility for water and sewerage that took effect on July 1 2009.

State of the Environment Report 2010

State of the Environment Report 1998