2019 Federal Election Proposals

Hobart City Council has developed a document that details how the Federal Government can assist the City of Hobart in meeting its strategic goals. The document was presented to five of the Federal candidates on Thursday 11 April 2019. 

Identified priorities include projects to improve Hobart’s standing as a Smart City, funding for sustainable tourism initiatives for kunanyi / Mount Wellington, financial support for major sport and recreation facility upgrades and a clear and detailed approach to the recently-announced Hobart City Deal. 

View the City of Hobart’s 2019 Federal Election Proposals(PDF, 1MB). Candidates have been asked to provide a response to the priorities before 10 May 2019 – these responses will be posted on this page when received. 


Received responses

Nigel Frame, Australian Conservatives candidate(PDF, 191KB)

Andrew Wilkie MP, Independent candidate(PDF, 185KB)

Ben McGregor, ALP candidate for Clark(PDF, 319KB)

Carol Brown, Tasmanian Senator, Labor candidate for the Senate(PDF, 171KB)

Juniper Shaw, The Greens candidate for Clark(PDF, 63KB)

Amanda-Sue Markham, Liberal candidate for Clark(PDF, 363KB)

Key objectives

City Deal for Greater Hobart

A commitment to fully fund a Greater Hobart City Deal and to develop the detail of the agreement in consultation with all parties to ensure that the action we take builds on our unique strengths.

Better Health and Wellbeing

A commitment to $16.5 million for the upgrade of sporting facilities in the Hobart area so that more women and girls can participate.

A commitment of $7 million for the redevelopment of the Doone Kennedy Hobart Aquatic Centre, which will be ‘spade-ready’ by December 2019.

Taking action for a safer climate

A commitment to strong leadership on climate action, and a formal, coordinated engagement between the three levels of government to increase our climate resilience and to make the transition to a low carbon community.

Hobart as a welcoming city

A commitment to a more generous and accessible community support program for refugees.

Hobart as a Smart City 

A commitment to additional funding for the Smart Cities and Suburbs Program, and support for our revised submission.

Making the most of our mountain

A commitment of $6.75 million to develop components of One Mountain, One Destination, Three New Experiences, including The Springs visitor centre.

Protecting our built heritage

A commitment to investigating innovative funding models, as well as resource sharing and creative partnerships that can protect and improve our heritage into the future.

Affordable housing for Tasmanians

A commitment to relieve Tasmania of its $157 million debt to the Australian Government so that funding can be invested in affordable and social housing across the state.


Federal candidates

Andrew Wilkie, MP Independent 

Ben McGregor, ALP candidate

Amanda-Sue Markham, Liberal candidate

Juniper Shaw, Greens candidate

Nigel Frame, Australian Conservatives candidate