News from Council meeting - 6 July 2020

Published on 06 July 2020


Support for 40km/h speed limit

The City of Hobart will engage with stakeholders regarding a proposed submission to implement a consistent speed limit in the CBD and key retail precincts.

The Council has resolved to take the next steps towards submitting a request to the state government for a standard 40km/h speed limit to be implemented in the identified locations.

Under the proposal, the CBD area (excluding major arterial roads and existing 30km/h zones), will have the reduced speed limit, which is consistent with the existing speed limit of the waterfront area.

The speed limit would also apply to key retail and dining areas in Lenah Valley, Sandy Bay, New Town, North Hobart and South Hobart between 7 am and 7 pm Monday to Thursday, and 7 am and 10 pm Friday to Sunday.

A reduced speed limit is expected to improve safety, amenity and consistency and is standard in many CBDs and high-pedestrian areas and is supported by the RACT and the Heart Foundation.

It has been demonstrated to improve safety for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists, increase the ability for motorists to get in and out of parking spaces and vehicles safely, and improve general amenity for businesses and their customers.

View the information sheet


Reports into North Hobart future

Options for the future of North Hobart’s primary retail and entertainment precinct has been explored in a series of independent reports that are now available to view online.

The draft North Hobart Place Vision and Access and Parking Plan were commissioned to explore the challenges and opportunities posed by the popular Elizabeth Street dining, entertainment and retail strip.

In-depth community consultation around the published reports would be held following further analysis of the observations and recommendations contained within the reports.

The draft Place Vision is based on what customers, visitors, residents and traders value about the precinct, as gauged through a consultation process conducted in February.

More than 735 people contributed their ideas and opinions through surveys and face-to-face workshops for residents and property and business owners.

A separate report prepared by consultant MRCagney contains recommendations specific to the future use of Condell Place, which currently provides 88 car parking spaces.

The reports can be viewed in full on the City of Hobart’s YourSay website. Information regarding the consultation process will be made available at a later date.


Virtual meetings to continue

Meetings of the Hobart City Council and committees will continue to be held online for the next three months.

With physical distancing and maximum density requirements still in place, it is not possible for meetings to be held in their standard locations and still be accessible to members of the public.

Meetings will instead continue to be held via Zoom and broadcast live on the City of Hobart’s YouTube channel.

The meeting format will be reviewed again in three months’ time.


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