Greater Hobart Strategic Partnership welcomes City Deal funding

Published on 04 June 2020

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The Mayors of Clarence, Glenorchy, Hobart and Kingborough Councils welcome the Tasmanian Government’s $20.8M funding package towards two new park and ride facilities, additional bus services and upgraded bus stops for Kingborough Council under the Hobart City Deal.

Kingborough Council will also rejuvenate the Kingston CBD, including the Channel Highway and new bus interchange at Kingston.

“Fixing central Kingston is a high priority for this Council,” Kingborough Mayor Dean Winter said. “In addition to improved public transport services, we are exploring complementary initiatives such as cycle and pedestrian links. This investment is what we need to achieve the vision our community has created.”

Mayor Winter also acknowledged that while congestion has been less of an issue since the start of the pandemic, public transport options and services must be improved across Greater Hobart, including within Kingborough itself. 

“Over 80 per cent of our workforce was commuting into the city every day,” he said. “We believe the best way to alleviate congestion issues is to create more employment opportunities here locally and reduce the number of commuters heading to the city.”

It is hoped that the project will be the first stage in a further roll-out of park-and-ride facilities across Greater Hobart, in turn making public transport accessible to more commuters.

Hobart Lord Mayor Anna Reynolds also welcomed the infrastructure commitment and the state government’s interest in supporting public transport in the region.

“This new infrastructure and more bus services coming into the City of Hobart is good news for people living in Kingborough, but will help to reduce congestion in the CBD,” she said. “I am also hopeful that electric buses will be delivered, as this will see a cleaner and quieter vehicles travelling down Davey and Macquarie streets.

“This project is one important step to try to get more Greater Hobartians on to public transport. The next important projects are new public transport services from the north and the east - light rail and ferries. Both are also promised in the City Deal.”

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