Zig Zag Track opens for winter

Published on 01 July 2022

Great walks on kunanyi/Mt Wellington.

One of the most popular and spectacular walking tracks on kunanyi/Mt Wellington has re-opened in time for snow walks now that freezing ground conditions have forced track workers off the mountain.

For more than a century the Zig Zag Track has been a major walking route to the mountain summit. However, the elements have taken their toll, and the track now needs considerable work to repair erosion and make it safer for walkers and runners.

The first stage of our track restoration project started in January 2022, with an additional 200 metres of stone work completed above the Pinnacle Track intersection.

The arrival of winter makes working at such high elevations dangerous for the team from Trailblazer Tracks and they will take a break while the track is re-opened to the public.

A century of change

Built in the early 1900s as a section of the Pinnacle Track, the Zig Zag Track can be challenging for walkers, especially in snow and ice.

Years of foot traffic and the harsh mountain weather have eroded parts of the track, digging out the original surface soil and leaving patchworks of rocks that can prove difficult to negotiate.

The work on the Zig Zag Track will make it a much safer walking route, while maintaining its important heritage values and sense of wilderness.

Stay safe on the mountain

If venturing up the mountain over winter, walkers are reminded that many of the tracks above The Springs traverse alpine environments, and poor weather can create dangerous conditions.

The Zig Zag Track, the Ice House Track and South Wellington Track all traverse alpine environments, and inclement weather can create dangerous walking conditions.

South Wellington Track offers little shelter and is recommended for well-equipped, experienced walkers, but in good weather it is a stunning plateau walk that rewards those that slow down and take in the majesty of the mountain.

It crosses an open, alpine landscape that feels as old as time. Beautifully weathered rock formations stand like mountain sentinels against the dramatic backdrop of Hobart and the River Derwent to the east, and the wide open vista of the dramatic southwest.  

For winter walk ideas, download the Great Short Walks in the Snow brochure, and make sure you check out our safety tips for staying safe on the mountain.

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