Caravan conjures positive words

Published on 04 October 2019

Hobartians will have an opportunity to experience the power of positive words with Rose Turtle Ertler’s Complimentary Caravan hosted by the City of Hobart to celebrate this year’s Mental Health Week. The project will be launched on Monday 7 October at 11 am at Wellington Court.

Councillor Zelinda Sherlock said this year’s theme for Mental Health Week would recognise the role that we could all play in raising awareness about mental health and wellbeing to reduce stigma, build resilience and develop empathy in the community.

The Complimentary Caravan is an initiative within the City’s Social Inclusion Strategy 2014–2019 that focuses on building the strengths of Hobart residents and fostering the spirit of community inclusion and tolerance.

“Every person has strengths and skills and when these are contributed to a community they add value, enhance resilience and exponentially benefit everyone. The Complimentary Caravan is a powerful means of showing the influence we can each make through the gift of positive words we can give to each other.

“Positive words, a cheerful greeting, a compliment – these can help establish and nurture connections with people, thereby increasing the sense of belonging, purpose, value and friendship that we all need.”

A variety of Hobart community groups have recorded their compliments and the public is invited to visit the caravan to listen to them. “I welcome everyone to step inside and reflect on how these words make you feel. It makes you realise how simple it is to brighten someone else’s day through the words we choose to speak.” Cr Zelinda Sherlock said.

A cosy custom-built caravan will be parked in Wellington Court from 7 to 10 October for the community to listen to the messages of gratitude and encouragement made by people living in Hobart, and also to create compliments of their own.

For more information about the project, visit the Complimentary Caravan webpage. 


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