Yaizu City is located between Tokyo and Nagoya in Japan. Hobart and Yaizu have been sister cities since February 1977.

Yaizu Delegation – August 2017: Show your interest

Hobart plans to send a delegation to Yaizu on August 11–15 2017 (to be confirmed) to mark the 40th anniversary during the town’s main cultural festival. Community and business members are welcome to join the Council delegation at their own cost. For more information, please call: 6238 2703.

40th anniversary celebrations

A number of events were organised in February 2017 to mark the 40th anniversary of the sister city relationship. These included a martial arts demonstration, Origami, Kimono and Yukata displays, Taiko drum demonstrations, an official celebratory dinner and a tree planting ceremony in the Japanese garden of the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens.

Student exchange program

Every year Hobart hosts a group of students from Yaizu. Three Hobart schools participate in the program and local families provide a homestay experience so the Yaizu students experience a typical Australian home. The schools provide a taste of Australian school life by including the students in regular classroom activities.

Every two years Hobart students travel to Yaizu to experience a homestay with a Japanese family. The student exchange program has been operating since 1990.

Previous activities

The City of Hobart and Yaizu City have worked together on activities, including:

  • a combined trip to Bonorong Wildlife Park with visiting Yaizu students and students from St Mary's College
  • an Omikoshi (Japanese Portable Shrine) with Tarremah Steiner School for the Myer Hobart Christmas Pageant parade
  • a stall at The Taste of Tasmania in 2012 coordinated by members of the Yaizu–Hobart Friendship Association, a Yaizu City staff member and the Sister City Committee
  • performances by the Yurikamome Children’s Choir in Hobart in 2007 and 2013 
  • the creation of a Yaizu Japanese Village at the 2011 Australian Wooden Boat Festival. The traditional Japanese Hachoro boat was an international feature vessel of the festival and was the first of its kind ever to visit Australia.