Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey

Metropolis Research was commissioned to undertake the Annual Community Satisfaction Survey (ACSS) in August 2021. A total of 502 surveys were conducted, with all Hobart suburbs represented in the data.

The objective was to gauge the community's satisfaction with the City of Hobart's services, facilities and overall performance, and to gain insight into community values and general sentiment.

The sample of respondents was based on precincts that are in line with the ABS SAL2 level.

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The scores used in the Metropolis Research report, are defined as follows:

  • Excellent – scores of 7.75 and above
  • Very good – scores of 7.25 to less than 7.75
  • Good – scores of 6.5 to less than 7.25
  • Solid – scores of 6 to less than 6.5
  • Poor – scores of 5.5 to less than 6
  • Very poor – scores of 5 to less than 5.5
  • Extremely poor – scores of less than 5


Satisfaction with the City of Hobart's overall performance across all areas of responsibility was 'good' with a score of 6.58 out of a potential 10. More than one-third (37%) of respondents provided a score of 'very satisfied', while 14.5% were dissatisfied.

Community Satisfaction Survey summary 2021(PDF, 151KB)

Customer service

About 27% of respondents had contacted council in the previous 12 months. The most common reasons for contacting council were parking related, planning permits/regulations and parks and open space related issues. The average satisfaction with the six aspects of customer service included was 7.32 out of 10, or 'very good'.

Services and facilities

The survey measured the importance and satisfaction associated with 32 City-provided services and facilities. The services that were ranked as most important were:

  • Garbage, recycling & FOGO services
  • Provision & maintenance of local roads
  • Traffic management & road safety
  • Car parking availability and affordability

The average satisfaction rating across all services was 6.40 out of 10 – or a solid level of performance. The services that received the highest satisfaction ratings were:

  • Garbage, recycling & FOGO services
  • Parks, gardens & playgrounds
  • Outdoor recreation facilities
  • Waste management centre

Areas identified for improvement include:

  • Car parking availability and enforcement
  • Planning and building permit processes
  • Statutory consultation for planning applications
  • Traffic management

Value most about Hobart (open question)

Respondents were asked to nominate at least one aspect of Hobart they value most. Of those surveyed, 57.4% provided at least one response. The most valued aspects of Hobart related to two categories: natural environment, and community atmosphere.

Hopes for the future of Hobart (open question)

Respondents were asked to nominate at least one hope they have for the future of Hobart, and 42.5% provided at least one response. The top three were:

  • More/better planning and development
  • More/affordable transportation
  • Better traffic management

Sense of community

Respondents have a relatively strong sense of community, with connection to their immediate neighbours as well as the broader local community. Of those surveyed, 78% know their neighbours and 76% say they can turn to their neighbours for help. In addition, 63% say they live in a welcoming and supportive community

Community Satisfaction Survey key rankings at a glance (502 respondents)

Category Result (rated out of 10)
Overall performance 6.58 (good)
Safety 8.61 day (excellent) / 7.17 night (good)
Waste collection 8.51 (excellent)
FOGO collection 8.39 (excellent)
Recycling collection 8.33 (excellent)
Outdoor recreation facilities 7.78 (excellent)
Parks, gardens & playgrounds 7.95 (excellent)
Events, festivals & markets 7.70 (very good)
City maintenance & cleaning 7.20 (good)
Customer service 6.91 (good)
Consultation & engagement 6.35 (solid
Provision & maintenance of roads 6.17 (solid)
Management of local traffic 6.09 (solid)
Transport services 5.97 (poor)
Planning & building permit processes 5.18 (very poor)
Parking availability & affordability 5.06 (very poor)