Mountain updates

Mountain updates

The City of Hobart has several projects underway to improve the visitor experience on kunanyi / Mt Wellington.  

  • Rejuvenating the Great Short Walk.
  • Revealing the Mountain’s Heritage.

Rejuvenating the Great Short Walk

This project incorporates the renewal of the Organ Pipes and Pinnacle tracks linking The Springs to The Chalet. In addition to track surface improvements, the project also includes improvements to facilities at The Springs and The Chalet (including toilets). 

Two years of track works are nearing completion.  Find out more: Great Short Walk Rejuvenation

Revealing the Mountain’s Heritage 

This project will upgrade and enhance the Pipeline Track and heritage features along the Mountain Water Supply System. The project includes the upgrade of Fern Tree Park as a major park entry. Stage 1 works are planned for 2018–19.

Information about other planned projects for kunanyi / Mt Wellington will be made available as they arrive.