Community and business COVID feedback hub


The City of Hobart understands the anxiety and confusion being created by the spread of COVID-19 within our community and we want to know what we can do to support you.

Whether you run a small business, represent a community organisation, are running an event or facing personal or family issues due to COVID-19, help us understand what you are experiencing by filling in our community impact form.

We know through experience that Hobart is full of people who are caring, helpful and supportive of everyone at all times, but especially when things get tough.

We also know that Hobart's small business community, the lifeblood of the city's economy, is also struggling to cope with staff shortages and other impacts of COVID-19.

The community is being impacted in many different ways and your feedback will help the City of Hobart understand what you are experiencing and what we can do to offer support.

If you are a business your feedback will be sent straight to our new Business Concierge service.

COVID-19 community impact form