Queens Domain

1. Overview

The Queens Domain is the site for a range of sporting venues and grounds – cricket, football, tennis, athletics and swimming – including: 

  • Doone Kennedy Hobart Aquatic Centre
  • Tasmanian Cricket Association Ground
  • Domain Athletic Centre
  • Domain Tennis Centre
  • Soldiers Memorial Oval
  • Legacy Park
  • Joggers Loop
  • bicycle and walking tracks


As well as historical, cultural and natural attractions such as :

  • Hobart Cenotaph
  • Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens
  • Government House
  • old Hobart Zoo
  • Soldiers Memorial Avenue

2. Domain Master Plan – making one place of many

The City of Hobart’s Queens Domain Master Plan 2013 identifies projects to improve facilities for walking, cycling, picnicking and cultural activity throughout the park as well as improving access, appearance, roads and parking.

A five-year works program starting in 2016–17 includes projects aimed at improving the quality and diversity of visitor experience:

  • Joggers Loop – a new soft fall surface for part of the loop and works focused on traffic calming, signs and car parking

  • City to Gardens Way – improving the key link across the Domain for pedestrians and cyclists from the city centre to the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

  • Upper Domain Summit – improving recreational facilities at the Upper Domain summit area 

  • Tasman Highway Memorial Bridge – new pedestrian and cycling pathways, especially between the Cenotaph and Soldiers Memorial Avenue (see more information about the Tasman Highway Memorial Bridge Project)

  • Queens Domain Community Hub – renovation includes upgrading facilities to include a sporting pavilion (completed and opened in 2015), community wood fired oven, public amenities, nature-based play area containing family picnic facilities and an amphitheatre.

For more information, see the Queens Domain Master Plan(PDF, 9MB).

3. Memorials

The Hobart Cenotaph is the main commemorative military monument for Tasmania and is the centre of Anzac Day commemoration services. 

The Queens Domain is also home to a number of other memorials including the Soldiers Memorial Avenue. It is an avenue of honour, comprising 520 trees planted in 1918 and 1919 to commemorate soldiers, mainly from Hobart, who died in World War I.

The Boer War Memorial, USS Enterprise and USS Missouri monuments are also located on the Queens Domain.

The Queens Domain is home to two important commemorative plaques and plantings recognising the significance of the Australian–American alliance.

4. History

The Queens Domain has belonged to the people of Hobart since 1860. 

Its slopes contain the last of Hobart's original endemic grassland, home to a variety of native birds, including eastern rosella, grey-breasted silvereye and yellow wattle bird.

Aboriginal middens have been found on the Queens Domain, giving evidence of human habitation long before the first European colonists arrived in 1803.

Since then, the Queens Domain has had a variety of uses, from the 1841 construction of the Queens Battery (near today's Cenotaph), built to defend Hobart from attack by sea, to the 1997 opening of the Doone Kennedy Hobart Aquatic Centre.

The last thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger) died in 1936 at Beaumaris Zoo, which once stood on Lower Domain Road, opposite Government House. The zoo closed in 1937 but the site with remnants of some enclosures remains.