2018 Small and Medium Creative Hobart Grants

Round 1, 2018

Recipient: Contemporary Art Tasmania

Project: Dismantle
Approved funding:$15,000 

Dismantle is a creative development program and incubator that will engage young people across Hobart in a process-based, co-created program exploring personal expression through contemporary art, performance and screen-based/digital media with a focus on mental health and wellbeing. Dismantle includes multiple access points for young people including group work, excursions with cultural institutions, facilitated workshops at YouthARC and a two week intensive Art Lab at Contemporary Art Tasmania over July School Holidays. The projects and performance from the Art Lab will debut in the youth arts showcase event, Light Up the Lane, during Mental Health Week 2018.

Recipient: Mast Films Pty Ltd


Approved funding:$11,576 

Thread is a cross-cultural community development project where refugees and new arrivals and young people from, born and/or raised in, Australia create an original 5 part web-series together. The stories created will be fictional, though they will reflect the lived experiences of the participants, and set in contemporary Hobart. It is too soon to tell, but we imagine that genre wise the series will be a mix drama, comedy and thriller. The films will be screened, with a Q&A, in Hobart through Youth ARC, at the Taste of Moonah Festival and in Adelaide at the DreamBIG Festival.

Recipient: Kirsty Grierson

Project:Small Stories in the Town Hall
Approved funding: $8,200

Small Stories will activate a welcoming creative space for young children and families at the Hobart Town Hall during Children's Week. Over a 3 day residency, the following will be offered:

- Performances for 0-5 years and parents/carers - highly interactive dynamic 20 minute piece involving storytelling, shadow play, and puppetry.

- Performances for 0-12 months and parents/carers - an immersive and sensory experience as participants enter a series of different environments each with their own story to tell.

- Creative play and storytelling workshops for 0-5 years and parents/carers involving puppet making, shadow play and storytelling.

- Professional development for teachers/educators.

- Information evening for parents

Recipient: Dean Stevenson

Project: kunanyi
Approved funding: $10,000

Kunanyi is a forty-five minute live cinematic concerto exploring mortality and renewal through the dark seasonal cycle of Autumn to Spring. Through cinema and live orchestra, Kunanyi explores the mountains relationship with the elements, from colossal winter storms, to the intimate demise of a snowflake melting on sun-warmed basalt. The viewer will experience the descent into the bleakness winter, the beauty in the harshness that eventually cracks in a glimmer of hope, as the first warm rays of spring break through. Kunanyi will blend the naked eye of documentary with the infinitely mutable world of music, generating a sensory immersion.

Recipient: Music Tasmania

Project: The Astor Sessions
Approved funding: $14,300

The Astor Sessions is a mid-career development program in a Hobart iconic art deco hotel that brings together songwriters, producers, musicians, industry representatives, and businesses, to collaborate over three days in an intimate series of workshops. In addition to exploring collaboration and the creative process, these sessions aim to create greater awareness about alternative career pathways for Tasmanian songwriters. The Astor Sessions will culminate in a connecting event and jam performance at the Odeon Theatre.

Recipient: Van Diemen's Band

Project: 'Baa-rock' and the Three Musketeers

Approved funding: $4870

 'Baa-rock and the Three Musketeers' is a family event designed to introduce young children (and their parents and carers) to the fun, beauty and narrative of music from the Baroque era. Using story-telling to support engagement and interpretation, young music lovers will experience melodies, rhythms and harmonies that have been enjoyed for over 300 years ago. Our young audience will experience how this music is as enjoyable today as it was all those hundreds of years ago. Van Diemen's Band world class performance standards will authentically recreate the spirit of a more rustic Baroque.

Recipient: designed; made inc.

Project: design: made makers market 2018

Approved funding: $3300

The event, a pop-up exhibition and designers networking event, will allow about 30 established, emerging and student designers to showcase the quality and diversity of their recent work and meet with other designers and interested members of the public. Work on show will include furniture, textiles, jewellery, glass, lighting, woodwork and small products. The event will commence with a networking event and preview on Friday evening. The "market style" exhibition will continue over the weekend, when visitors will be able to meet the designers and makers and even sample some of the furniture and homewares in our "prototype cafe"

Recipient:Tasmanian Theatre Company

Project: Uprising

Approved funding: $4460

UPRISING is performing arts workshop and rehearsal project which will culminate in a performance season. The participants will be a group of around 20 Hobart based young people between the ages of 18 and 25. The priority of the workshops will be skills development in movement, voice, acting skills and ensemble work.  The project will umbrella a mentoring program: the actor Katie Robertson will be engaged to perform within the company and act as a peer mentor, Choreographer Angela Barnard, Director, Christine Best, Stage Manager, Gus Powers and Lighting Designer, Max Ford will each mentor an emerging artist.

Recipient: Constance Ari

Project: Open Space: Bliss Artist

Approved funding: $976.36

 "Bliss Artist" by Tiyan Baker is an immersive video installation housed within a shipping container to be presented in the PW1 Forecourt for a week in August. Created through first-hand interviews and encounters with Hobart locals and tourists alike, the work examines the nature of the high-end art experience in Tasmania and how luxury and art consumption intertwine in the Hobart tourist landscape. Designed to mimic a boutique tourist experience "Bliss Artist" offers an insightful look at the state of arts and culture in Tasmania, and an opportunity for reflection and acknowledgement for locals who live and work within it.

Medium Creative Round 2, 2018

Recipient: The Australian Ceramics Association

  • Project: Holding Place: Fire Sculpture
  • Approved Funding: $14,985.00

On the evening of the 3rd May, 2019, a team of dedicated ceramic artists, led by renowned master kiln builder, Andres Allik, will open the petals of a giant custom-built kiln. An audience of conference delegates and members of the general public, gathered in the PW1 forecourt, will watch in awe as the 3m tall ceramic sculpture enclosed therein is revealed, glowing red hot against the night sky, rapidly cooling from the 1300 degrees it has taken three days of firing to achieve. The sculpture, once cooled will be a lasting monument to the shared labours of many community members.

Recipient: Wide Angle Tasmania Inc.

  • Project: South Hobart Cinema
  • Approved Funding: $15,000.00

Nurturing creativity, empowerment and connectedness among Hobart youth through Hip Hop and beatmaking workshopsSouth Hobart Cinema is a programme of free film screenings presented monthly at Tasmania’s Centre for Screen at 6 Washington Street, South Hobart. During 2019, audience members will be invited to become screen creators by entering the ‘Screen Confessions’ booth to record a micro story. During 2019, 30 feature length screenings will be delivered. The programme will be curated for and marketed to four distinct audiences; 

SilverScreen (weekday afternoon screenings for over 50s),  iGen@Cinema (weekday morning screenings for pre-schoolers and their carers),  iGen Holidays (evening screenings during school holidays for school aged teens), and General audience (evening screenings for local audiences).

Recipient: The University of Melbourne

  • Project: Nurturing creativity, empowerment and connectedness among Hobart youth through Hip Hop and beatmaking workshops
  • Approved Funding: $10,000

Globally, Hip-Hop and beatmaking are increasingly being used to promote individual and community wellbeing. Through this project, beatmakers Dr Crooke (PhD, Music Therapy) and Dr Gann (PhD, Psychotherapy) will visit Hobart, and partner with local organization, Kickstart Arts, in facilitating beatmaking workshops to empower, connect and engage youth in creative process and generate musical outputs. The team will bring facilitation expertise in beatmaking, and in-depth knowledge of how musical participation leads to community wellbeing outcomes. By also engaging and mentoring local practitioners, the project will not only afford immediate youth outcomes, but also build community capacity for future work.

Recipient: Julie Waddington

  • Project: MENTAL - The Mother Load STAGE TWO
  • Approved Funding: $10,000

A creative documentary performance exploring the beauty, grotesque and poetic in the madness and mundane of motherhood. Building on results of their seed creative development in 2018, Artist Mothers -Julie Waddington, Bryony Geeves, Mel King, Carrie McLean and Rebecca Thomson will collaborate and research the experience of mental load through a series of creative writing / storytelling workshops, interviews and online interaction with mothers. Verbatim material generated during the research phase will be explored in an intensive period of creative development, alongside puppetry, film and physical theatre towards the first draft of a new performance work.

Recipient: Chinese Contemporary Art Tasmania Inc.

  • Project: Exhibition -Tasmanian Artists Responding to Chinese Oriental Culture
  • Approved Funding: $10,000 

An exhibition hosted as an annual collaboration with Asian contemporary art and the Hobart City Council’s Lunar New Year Festival. We will invite Hobart based artists to explore and research Chinese cultural links to produce Contemporary artwork reflecting the theme. Our project will include established and emerging artists from Eastern and Western backgrounds and will present works in a range of disciplines including new media, installation, photography and painting. Our Hobart Lunar New Year festival exhibition will be held at Brooke St Pier, hosting workshops, artist talks and significant internet presence through key Asian project partners.

Small Creative Round 2, 2018 

Recipient: DRILL Performance Company Inc.

  • Project: The Stance
  • Approved Funding: $5,000.00

Hobart’s youth dance company DRILL has invited Brisbane-based choreographer Liesel Zink to recreate her critically acclaimed protest work The Stance on the newly formed BOLT Collective. The Stance is a dance and sound performance for public spaces, investigating the choreography of bodies in protest. The work will engage an ensemble of local dancers who will perform to a remarkable live score of music transmitted through wireless FM headphones, creating an intimate viewing experience for the audience. BOLT is comprised of DRILL and Stompin alumni, some of Tasmania's most talented young contemporary dancers.

Recipient: Catherine Morse

  • Project: Women Of The Island: Photo + Text Stories
  • Approved Funding: $5,000.00

Women Of The Island: Photo + Text Stories will enable ten women in the Hobart community to work with the artists in the Women Of The Island team to share their diverse stories through written text and photographic portraiture. These stories will be exhibited in hard copy at a number of special events in Hobart during Ten Days OnThe Island March 2019 as well as online.

Recipient: Women Of The Island

  • Project: Drawings for Gaza: a stop motion project from children in Hobart to children in Gaza
  • Approved Funding: $4,650.00

Drawing/Stop Motion Workshop: A stop motion film from young Hobartians responding to drawings from children in Gaza. Gaza Children's Cinema works with children in Gaza, promoting inclusion and education. In September 2018 children from Gaza sent drawings of sounds in their world to Hobart. This workshop series offers children in Hobart the opportunity to respond to these drawings through an intensive day of drawing and story-telling. Working with film maker Amy Brown children make a short stop motion film from these drawings This film will be shown in Hobart and Gaza simultaneously.

An exciting cultural exchange through drawing and film.