2018 Small Community Grants recipients

Round 1, 2018 

Recipient: Rosny College

Project: Taiko Drumming Inclusion Performances
Approved funding: $5,000

Springboard is a Rosny College program designed to support the learning, social and emotional needs of students with disability. The Springboard ‘Taiko’ Drummers have received an invitation to travel to Japan in 2018 to perform with other Taiko groups including a group of students with Down Syndrome. The Springboarders will participate in Taiko Masterclasses and concerts. In order to prepare our students for performing in Japan, we would like to give them opportunities to perform locally in Hobart. Primary schools are our target audience as this would be an ideal introduction to the experience of performing, in a non-threatening environment.

Recipient: Colony 47

Project: Hobart Community Christmas Lunch
Approved funding: $5,000

The Hobart Community Christmas lunch has been running for over 30 years. The lunch provides an opportunity for people and families to enjoy Christmas Lunch with other members of the community. We believe it is important to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to celebrate and enjoy a magical Christmas day.

Recipient: Tassie Mums Inc

Project: Tassie Mums Emergency Essentials Drive
Approved funding: $2,000

Tassie Mums Emergency Essentials Drive aims to provide children in emergency situations with essential items such as underwear / socks / toothbrushes. These items will complement our pre made clothing bundles from ages birth - 12 years. We are asking for assistance in procuring these items which are rarely donated through our current donation channels.

Recipient: Family Planning Tasmania (FPT)

Project: International Student Sexual and Reproductive Health
Approved funding: $5,000

 FPT will provide targeted sexual and reproductive health workshops and online resources to improve international students' health literacy through a two phased approach. Initially there will be two workshops providing information to student advisors and residential coordinators enabling them to support international students' reproductive and sexual health and access to services. Following this is the develop/disseminate highly accessible online resources (including targeted international student social media) promoting sexual health awareness and access to relevant services. The information may include respectful consensual sexual relationships; STI prevention and treatment; where to seek help; improving access to culturally appropriate services and contraception including Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC).

Recipient: The Black Scorpions Tas Inc

Project: The Refugees / Migrants Soccer Tournament
Approved funding: $4324.95

The Refugees & Migrants' Soccer Tournament is a 2-days soccer event involving refugees/migrant youth aged between 15 and 25. It is a friendly and fun family orientated event organised and run by the African youth themselves as a vehicle for social connections and networking as well as a way of introducing participants to the Tasmania's football community. This event has consecutively run each year since 2013 with the support of CALD communities, players' contribution and in-kind support from organisations including the Hobart City Council, Southern Waters, South Hobart Football club, General Doctors Plus and Football Federation Tasmania.

Recipient: Hobart Police and Community Youth Club Inc

Project: InstructAbility Program
Approved funding: $4680

The aim of the “Instruct-Ability” Program is to obtain funding for a 6 month pilot program to offer 3 fitness classes per week that are specifically targeted to increase participation in sport and recreational activities for those in the Tasmanian Deaf Community aged 15 years and above. Importantly, the classes will be offered by a Deaf instructor that is fitness industry qualified. Support for the Instruct-Ability Program will enable the Hobart PCYC to provide opportunities for deaf people to participate in accessible activities.

Recipient: Battery Point Community Association

Project: Voices of Battery Point
Approved funding: $5000

 'Voices of Battery Point' is a series of video vignettes that capture the lives of the broad spectrum of people who reside in the suburb, including elders, families, teens, children, business owners, students and new arrivals. The vignettes demonstrate that Battery Point is not just a historical precinct stuck in time, but rather a dynamic, living village where people live and work and where history is preserved because it is part of everyday life, rediscovered and reinterpreted by each generation.

Recipient: Colony 47

Project: Art and Craft Program and Art Supplies
Approved funding: $5,000

The funding will provide a large quantity of resources to provide for the young women at Mara house to participate in activities for a period of up to 12 months. This funding will provide a large quantity of art and craft materials and provide a fee for art therapist to run a 12 week program. As we do not secure any additional funding, we are not able to purchase extracurricular activities for the young women such as art and craft supplies. This funding would allow us to provide something for the young women to do at the shelter. The art therapist program will run for 12 weeks and provide a therapeutic model of practice incorporated into the art sessions to focus on mental health and well-being.

Recipient: Flourish Mental Health Action In Our Hands Inc

Project: Facilitating a Voice for Young People Affected by Mental Health Issues
Approved funding: $4800

Flourish Mental Health Action In Our Hands has effectively provided a strong voice for Tasmania’s mental health consumers for over six years. Through this project experienced Flourish team members and active consumer representatives will connect with City of Hobart and surrounding suburb’s young people who experience mental health challenges to encourage them to become an active consumer voice. Participating in groups like a Flourish Local Action Groups (FLAGs) has shown to positively impact on individual’s health and wellbeing and adds a currently underrepresented yet important perspective to policy, program and service improvements in mental health.

Recipient: Palliative Care Tasmania

Project: Compassionate communities and ageing cities
Approved funding: $2,000

 Palliative Care Tasmania (PCT) are looking to improve outcomes to those most vulnerable in the community. If you were unable to speak for yourself, who would you want to speak for you? And more importantly, what health care decisions would you want them to make? Most people focus on wills and putting items in order for after they have died and have no idea how to guide their own end of life care through Advance Care Planning. By planning ahead, guiding care allows for a better death and reduces anxiety, guilt and improves grief outcomes for those left behind.

Recipient: The Humour Foundation

Project: Clown Doctors
Approved funding: $2,500

Clown Doctors are professional performers who work in partnership with medical staff at the Royal Hobart Hospital (RHH) treating sick kids with 'doses of fun and laughter'! Clown Doctors like Dr Honeybee and Dr Do Little provide bedside humour therapy, engaging with sick kids by parodying the hospital routine with improvised jokes, songs, magic, music and play. They wear red noses, colourful stethoscopes and oversized decorated coats with big pockets-all part of assisting in the emotional healing, empowerment, treatment and recovery of vulnerable children and their families, during times of serious illness, trauma, anxiety, injury, fear and stressful situations.

Recipient: Mount Stuart Memorial Hall

Project: Open Door 2018/19 Program
Approved funding: $1,618

Open Door is a Mount Stuart Memorial Hall free program of community activities every Monday including performances, workshops and social activities for people within the local neighborhood. Offered during day time it largely targets those who can be socially isolated including young mothers, new immigrants and the retired. Inclusive, informal and flexible the space aims to program a variety of quality program including performances from the TSO, Chinese New Year Celebrations, Art presentations, children workshops and exercise classes. Funding will allow the program to grow, be sustaining and attract a wider audience.

Round 2, 2018

Recipient: Cancer Council Tasmania

  • Project: Relay For Life Hobart
  • Approved funding: $5,000.00

Relay For Life is a 20-hour overnight experience that brings the community together to support each other in the fight against cancer. It bonds the community across family & friends, school & community groups along with business groups, all with the same purpose. Over 9 Tasmanian are diagnosed with cancer daily. Cancer does not discriminate. Relay For Life provides the opportunity for our community to come together to 'celebrate' life, to 'remember' loved ones passed & to 'fight back' against this disease through fundraising and support. All funds generated from this event are put back into the community through our support services.

Recipient: Sacred Conversations

  • Project: 1 Day Interfaith Festival
  •  Approved Funding: $4,656.64

1 DAY is a festival that will celebrate human spirituality. It will acknowledge the diversity and richness of human spiritual experience while promoting the essential oneness of the human need for transcendence, peace, and happiness. The festival will be held on Saturday the 23rd February 2019 at the Hobart Town Hall. The programme will include statements from twelve speakers representing the major faith traditions who will address the theme: "How can religious peace, unity, and harmony be achieved?" It will be interspersed with a similar number of musical and cultural performances from various religious and cultural groups here in Hobart.

Recipient: COTA Tasmania

  • Project: Ageing My Way
  • Approved Funding: $4,147.09

"Ageing My Way" empowers older people to share their preferences and desires for how they would like to age, using captioned photographs of themselves in their homes and communities. By encouraging older people to voice and visualise their preferences, "Ageing My Way" respects their right to self-determination as they age, ensuring their interests are captured and shared as a form of elder-abuse prevention. Importantly, "Ageing My Way" will raise awareness among older people and family members of the obligations of those nominated in documents such as Enduring Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship.

Recipient: Salvation Army Housing Common Ground

  • Project: Common Ground Cafe
  • Approved Funding: $4,798.00

Common Ground provides supportive housing, delivered in a secure, socially mixed environment to end chronic homelessness. Even better than the vision, are the outcomes; Common Ground is succeeding every month at helping people get back on their feet and re-settling (independently and sustainably) back into the community. The Common Ground Café is a new social enterprise concept to be located at the Campbell Street Common Ground facility in Hobart’s CBD. The initiative will aim to provide training, employment, social inclusion and support for people who are disadvantaged including the tenants at Common Ground, while also creating a sustainable revenue stream.

Recipient: 'Just Desserts' Drug Court Incentives Group

  • Project: Community support for drug court rewards and incentives
  • Approved Funding: $3,500.00

'Just Desserts' represents a number of community organisations and provides support for rewards and incentives granted as part of the Court Mandated Diversion (Drug Court) program. The program aims to reduce illicit drug use and associated crime. Donations from this group are used to provide small tangible rewards which are presented by Magistrates to program participants who achieve significant milestones and eventually graduate from the two year program. Rewards recognise positive achievements that help participants to reduce their drug use and offending behaviour, contributing to community safety. Worldwide evidence has shown this therapeutic approach to be effective in reducing crime.

Recipient: Department of Education - Elizabeth College

  • Project: Elizabeth College Resilience and Wellbeing Project
  • Approved Funding: $5,000.00

Elizabeth College aims to increase the awareness and understanding of issues that affect our wellbeing and resilience, and to promote strategies to improve them. The Resilience Project will be engaged to help us achieve these goals, and will run seminars for students, primary and high school teachers, parents and the wider community. They will also provide curriculum resources to support a wellbeing program within the College. This project is about attitudes, knowledge, and strategies to promote wellbeing and we want to help them spread. It directly supports Council's 2014-2019 Youth Strategy and its Strategic Plan.

Recipient: The Welcome Dinner Project Tasmania

  • Project: Hobart Welcome Campaign 2019
  • Approved Funding: $4,364.00

The Hobart Welcome Campaign will increase community belonging by connecting newly arrived Australians with established Hobartians over shared meals in local homes through our Home Welcome Dinners. Engagement with Newtown Primary School and a local author will support cross-cultural learning opportunities to explore the stories of refugees and migrants and embrace diversity in our communities. We will share the stories and successes of a diverse and connected community through the development of an improved evaluation framework. We will help build strong and healthy communities through diversity, participation and empathy and establish solid foundations for the Welcome Dinner Project in Hobart.

Recipient: Oh la la & co Inc

  • Project: Melt in Pot
  • Approved Funding: $4,605.00

Food is a great vehicle for sharing culture and heritage with people from different backgrounds. Cooking together and sharing a meal is the most communal and binding activity in almost every places in the world and this project will do just this. Six migrant communities in Hobart will prepare a meal from their countries/culture and will then open the door for people of their community to have a wonderful meal together. Through sharing food this project will provide an opportunity for multi-cultural exchange, friendship and networking between communities that rarely get the opportunity to mix together.

Recipient: New Town High School School Association

  • Project: Scoping report to establish a Sustainability Shed, Community Garden and old scholars network.
  • Approved Funding: $3,000

Students and staff at New Town High School have identified two projects of value to the school and community - a Sustainability Shed and a Community Garden. This project will plan these activities and establish an Old Scholars network to bring them to fruition. In doing so, it will provide opportunities for senior men in the neighbourhood to overcome isolation by volunteering and reconnecting with their community. NTHS has an active school association, but no established Old Scholars network. The school's Centenary in 2019 provides a unique opportunity to establish an old scholars support network for these and subsequent projects.

Recipient: Hobart Harmony Chorus Inc

  • Project: International Women's Day Concert 2019
  • Approved Funding: $1,000

Hobart Harmony will present "HAND in HAND - a Concert to celebrate International Women's Day". This once a year concert event will showcase female performers of all ages and from all genres of music from the Hobart area.