2017 Small and Medium Creative Hobart Grants

Recipient: Second Echo Ensemble

Project: By My Hand

Approved funding: $9,000.00

Ensemble member Luke Campbell is making his directorial debut with "By My Hand". It will trace a journey through time, across water, moving like wind and fire as he fights the storm to free the bird from his heart and find his voice. "By My Hand" will be made and presented in 3 creative development stages with a showing in April; July and September.

Recipient: Salamanca Arts Centre

Project: $10,000

Approved funding: Art Rage

ArtRage is an initiative of the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery (QVMAG), which draws on folio work of Tasmanian Certificate of Education students. It is a unique opportunity to showcase a multi-disciplinary exhibition of young Tasmanians in the State Capital’s multi-arts centre with a gala style opening.

Recipient: Plimsoll Gallery (School of Creative Arts)

Project:Community Engagement program
Approved funding:$6,960.00

This suit of community engagement projects include Sound Klub with hands-on experimental and innovative sound workshops for children aged 10 – 16 introducing the idea of sound as an art form. There will also be an education resource to accompany the exhibition Systematic for school groups and a series of twelve hands-on workshops for the October school holiday period that focuses on the overarching themes of connectivity, rationality and the ideas of systems.

Recipient: Bell Epoch

Project: Contemporary Sound Sculptures

Approved funding: $10,000

A team of contemporary artists will design, make and temporarily install a series of sound sculptures at a public exterior site at the Queens Domain. The sculptures will be constructed of metal, wood and will resonate in the wind producing tonally textured soundscapes. These will be new sculptural sound work, unique to Hobart.

Recipient: designed; made inc

Project: designed: made showcasing 2018

Approved funding: $1,280.00  

This is a pop-up exhibition and networking event showcasing over 30 established, emerging and student designers. Work on show will include furniture, textiles, jewellery, glass, lighting, woodwork and small products. The event will start with a networking event and preview on the Friday evening and then continue over the weekend with a display open to the public.

Recipient: Amanda Ward for Common Ground

Project: Exhibition and Performance

Approved funding: $1,789.00

The project will work towards a presentation of visual art and music performances based around the theme of portraiture and/or city living. The participants will include residents of Common Ground, UTAS students, and a range of other artistic community members. This project will include weekly workshops and meetings with the residents of Common Ground to support the production of their exhibiting works.

Recipient: Van Diemen's Band Inc.

Project: Music project

Approved funding: $5,000

Attracting two international Baroque specialists, Martin Gester and Aline Zylberajch from le Parlement de Musique (Strasbourg), this project will present world-class Baroque music with international and local soloists, deliver an immersive 5-day workshop & performance for community amateur and pre-professional musicians and present three free lunch time concerts in Hobart.

Recipient: The Art Factory

Project: Hobart Ah Um

Approved funding: $4,600

Hobart Ah Um is a music and visual arts festival taking place on February 3 and 4, 2018. It will present jazz and sound-art performances; artist-run discussions and workshops; a visual art exhibition; and will commission collaborative performances between visual artists and musicians, and musical collaborations between musicians who have not previously worked together.