The Pipeline Track – Mountain Water Supply System

Waterworks Reserve reservoir

The Mountain Water Supply System extends over 20 km from the North-West Bay River around the south side of kunanyi/Mount Wellington to the Waterworks Reserve.  

The still-functioning water supply system was established in the 1860s, and comprises water intakes, in-ground pipes, sandstone troughs and three reservoirs. 

Many locals know the system for the Pipeline Track, which follows the main underground pipeline. The track has a gentle downhill grade and runs through breathtaking native forests, with spectacular views of kunanyi/Mount Wellington and the Derwent Estuary. It allows walkers and cyclists to enjoy the natural environment and significant heritage features.


At the Waterworks Reserve gates, either walk the Pipeline Track to Fern Tree and follow the track around the south-east flank of kunanyi/Mount Wellington; or continue by car to the left of the gates through Ridgeway's bushland. The road meets Huon Road at Fern Tree. Turn left to Neika, park on the left near a roadside concrete reservoir, and cross the road to access the Pipeline Track.

Walking the Pipeline Track

The Pipeline Track is easy walking: it is a 3 km walk uphill from the Waterworks Reserve to Fern Tree. From there, the Pipeline Track contours around the mountain, 12 km to North-West Bay River and Wellington Falls, passing historic locations where early city engineers accessed water supplies.

Dogs on lead are welcome on the Pipeline Track between Neika, Fern Tree and Gentle Annie Falls, but not beyond Gentle Annie Falls. Dogs are prohibited in the Waterworks Reserve.

More information

Presentation, interpretation and recreational management are detailed in the Mountain Water Supply System Design Guidelines(PDF, 10MB).  

Conservation and management policies to assist in the conservation of the system are detailed in the Hobart Mountain Water Supply System Conservation Management Plan 2013(PDF, 6MB)