Smarter Hobart Challenge

Illustration of people in smart bus shelters with CoH/Connected Hobart lockup

The Smarter Hobart Challenge – Bus Shelter and Integrated Digital Interface Design Competition – is a creative challenge for the community to bring forward their most innovative and exciting ideas to help transform Hobart’s public transport services, and help make waiting for the bus reliable, safe, accessible and socially connective.

The City of Hobart is delighted to announce the highly anticipated Stage 2 of the competition.

Our community co-design competition captured the imagination of creatives around the world, with over 120 design and technology teams stepping up to the challenge from far and wide. New York, India, South America, Russia, Ukraine, Singapore, Hong Kong, Italy, France as well as local and national innovators all contributed to the extraordinary pool of collective ideas and proposals.

The quality and thoughtfulness of the submissions highlighted the timeliness and relevance of this project in finding practical, technology-based solutions to address climate imperatives and keep our community safe, empowered, connected and informed.

Shortlisted finalists

Congratulations to our five shortlisted finalists:

  • Urban Lab (Tasmania)
  • WOW (Tasmania)
  • Monash University Mobility Design Lab (Melbourne)
  • The Collective & Metrospec (Melbourne)
  • Supermanoeuvre (Sydney).

People's Choice Award

In response to the large number of outstanding applications, the City is including a ‘People’s Choice Award’ and display at the Hobart Council Centre, 16 Elizabeth Street, Hobart.

The ‘People’s Choice Award’ display can be viewed Monday to Friday (8:15 am - 5:15pm) from 29 April – 13 May 2021.

Watch this space for updates, ‘People’s Choice Award’ winner, and the final overall winner.

We appreciate your time and patience in relation to the unexpected delays this competition has experienced due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Smart Bus Shelter graphics

Lets reimagine public transport travel as a playful, connective, informative and an immersive personalised experience!

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