Resilient Hobart Economic Recovery

Elizabeth Mall

The COVID-19 pandemic has had major impacts on the Hobart community and economy. Although, so far, Tasmania has been fortunate to avoid large case numbers and lockdowns, it has been a hard road for many. 

The City of Hobart has an important responsibility to respond to community recovery needs, including for businesses and the local economy.  

The Economic Response and Recovery Framework outlines how the City is approaching economic immediate and medium-term recovery. It has six goals for helping Hobart’s economy flourish during and after the pandemic: 

  1. Confident households, businesses and investors 
  2. Thriving city centre and retail precincts 
  3. Local economy transitioned to the ‘new normal’ 
  4. Opportunities of the crisis embraced 
  5. Coordinated recovery efforts 
  6. Responsive and financially sustainable local government 

The Action Plan has four initiatives made up of 29 projects: 

  • Initiative 1: Learning what people need 
  • Initiative 2: Building business resilience 
  • Initiative 3: Building community economic resilience 
  • Initiative 4: Responsive local government 

These projects are being implemented through programs across the City of Hobart organisation, ranging from activating public spaces to helping market local businesses. 

Learn more about the recovery projects supporting Hobart communities: 

COVID-19 Economic Recovery Framework summary(PDF, 141KB)

The framework and action plan are built on engagement with Hobart businesses and community members through interviews undertaken in 2020, and ongoing conversations through City projects and programs. 

The next update of the action plan is due to be released in mid-2021.