Keep creative and engaged

Keep creative and engaged

Online arts and cultural activities 

Staying physically distant is essential to protect each other, especially our vulnerable community members. But staying connected is what will get us through difficult times. Arts and culture are vital to Hobart, even more in times of duress. Now more than ever, people are looking to music, books, film and more to help make sense of the world or to take their mind off things.   

We invite you to turn the current challenges into an opportunity to get creative and connect with creative activities around you. Why not learn an instrument, take some time to draw or paint, or simply read a book? There are creative and fun activities for everyone, no matter your age or stage; it’s just a matter of finding something that brings you joy. 

For those who live near Hobart City, why not take a tour of the City’s public art works when you are next exercising? Or perhaps you can make your own public art tour in your local neighbourhood by starting a local competition for garden art, scarecrows or fancy letterboxes?  

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Arts organisations 

Keep an eye on these organisations for the latest creative news. 

Arts Hub
Digital art guide to beat coronavirus closures, including virtual exhibitions, livestreamed concerts and online art auctions. This is the guide to how art is going digital in the age of COVID-19.

Arts Tasmania
Tasmanian Government page with updates on support and funding available for artists and groups.