International Student Ambassador Program

The City of Hobart International Student Ambassador Program is a partnership with the University of Tasmania, which is designed to recruit volunteer international student ambassadors. The ambassadors represent international students by being involved in events such as citizenship ceremonies, Harmony Day and other community activities. 

The program also creates opportunities for students to learn about local culture and to break down language barriers and social isolation. 

The program was launched in 2015 by the City of Hobart, in partnership with the University of Tasmania. Twenty-eight ambassadors from China, Syria, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Pakistan, India, Malaysia Hong Kong, Vietnam, Colombia and Nepal have participated in the program since. 

Successful candidates have been selected based on previous leadership and volunteer experience in their educational institutions, as well as their interest in participating in the broader Hobart community. The ambassadors increased their knowledge of Hobart, improved their public speaking and communication skills, and built new friendships.  

We have gained a better connection with international students, strengthened our partnership with the university, and learned more about each ambassador’s cultural background and experiences in Hobart. 

Applications open for the International Student Ambassador Program

Applications for the International Student Ambassador Program are only open from 1 to 30 April each year. 

Students who are selected for the International Student Ambassadors Program have a twelve-month term, which commences in the July after applications close, and finishes in June the following year. 

As an Ambassador you will have an opportunity to speak at community events, become involved in citizenship ceremonies and assist with the City’s annual Harmony Day event. 

To be involved you must be an international student based in Hobart and have completed your first six months of study. Applicants can come from other educational institutions, not just the University of Tasmania. 

Applicants will be assessed and appointed based on their suitability for the role. 

For more information on the program, how to apply and application forms, contact Scott Davis, Community Development Officer (Multicultural):