Equal access

The City of Hobart wants to respond to the aspirations and needs of people with disabilities living in our community to achieve equal access.

Providing equal access enhances everyone's participation in community life, regardless of their physical or intellectual capabilities. People with disabilities, and access limitations, have the same fundamental rights as all members of the community.

Principles of equal access

  • People with disabilities should not be defined by their disabilities.
  • People with disabilities have a right to equal access to facilities, services, programs, activities and employment to fully participate in the community and have equal opportunity to fulfil their individual potential.
  • Changes to the physical and social environment to improve access and equity help people with disabilities to integrate more completely into the community, and also benefit the wider community.

We work towards equal access through the City of Hobart Equal Access Strategy 2014–2019(PDF, 2MB).

Find out about accessibility at City of Hobart run events here: City of Hobart event accessibility(PDF, 447KB)

Disability in Tasmania

Core activity disability is defined as people needing help or assistance in one or more of the three core activity areas – self-care, mobility and communication – because of a disability or long-term health condition (lasting six months or more).

In 2012, Tasmania had the highest prevalence of any state in Australia of core activity disability. A quarter of the state's population lives with disability, which is high compared to other states. The proportion of the population living with a disability increases considerably with age. Tasmania also has the highest proportion of people aged 65 years and over with disability (55%).

Access For All - The Human Factor Poster (PDF, 113KB)

Accessible Communications

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