Tree by Patrick Hall

Tree, sponsored by the City of Hobart, is a sculpture by Patrick Hall that is located in Greening Australia’s Sustainable Learning Centre.

The sculpture is a reflection of sustainability in the built form. It captures the principles of the centre’s six-star building design, drawing inspiration from its bushland and educational setting. Nestled in Tree are everyday wooden objects that have been reincarnated into its trunk, branches and leaves. The objects were donated by local school children and collected opportunistically by the sculptor and now have a new life in Tree. Even part of the myrtle and jarrah desk built for the Prime Minister’s office by Tasmanian furniture maker Kevin Perkins has found a new home in Tree. 

Hidden drawers in the sculpture’s base reveal elements of the centre’s design and share key urban sustainability features of the City of Hobart operations. Its soundscape takes us to the inside and outside worlds we inhabit.

Tree directly engages with schools, students and visitors to the centre, stimulating them to think about how the building uses energy and water and its carbon footprint. These experiences reinforce and deepen understandings of energy and water use within their own sphere of activity and homes.

We were inspired to sponsor this educational interpretive display as it very much reflects the best practice and sustainability principles we encourage in our built form. 

Tree is at the Sustainable Learning Centre, Hobart College, Olinda Grove, Mount Nelson, which is open during business hours.