Public Art Framework

CoH PAS cover.jpg

The City of Hobart has recently developed a Public Art Framework. The document outlines a set of guiding principles, a curatorial setting and an outline of processes and practice which form the basis of the strategic development of public art across the City of Hobart over the next five to ten years. These outcomes will support the City’s vision for Hobart as a creative and cultural capital.

The Public Art Framework has been prepared by Overton Consultants in close collaboration with the City’s Public Art team and has been developed on the basis of research into contemporary public art practice, targeted stakeholder consultation and a recent Aldermanic workshop.

The document has been developed to clearly articulate why and how we are involved in public art, what we seek to achieve from supporting and investing in public art, the philosophies that guide our actions, the various roles that we play and the context within which decision-making for public art takes place. Importantly it lays down a strategic and curatorial framework for the future.

View the Public Art Framework.(PDF, 4MB)