In this place – Lenah Valley community art project

You may have noticed some murals appearing throughout the Lenah Valley retail area, painted in a distinctive blue. These are part of a series of elements developed by artist Alex Miles as the public art for the Lenah Valley Retail Precinct Upgrade. The work, titled In this place, evolved out of a postcard campaign developed to collect stories from members of the local community.

The artist received many handwritten and digital responses to the campaign, and each of the elements she has developed for the refurbished retail area responds to or includes these stories. Elements, linked by stories and created with a similar illustrative style and a particular blue, include murals, surface treatments to bench seats, bus shelters, an illuminated sign and new seating.

Photo: Alex Miles 

Features of the new Lenah Valley streetscape

The features of the new streetscape include increased footpath space to allow for more comfortable pedestrian movement and opportunities for outdoor dining. Two pedestrian median island crossings with kerb extensions make it easier to cross Augusta Road. Bike riders can now access bike parking racks and a new on-road bike lane in the uphill direction. Local residents and visitors will benefit from new lighting, street furniture, bus shelters and trees, all improving the appearance of the shopping village.