Arts and cultural festivals

There are many arts and cultural festivals held in and around Hobart, making it an exciting place to be all year round.

Festival of Voices
(winter annually)
A joyous celebration of vocal traditions and singing for the pure and simple fun of it. It’s an event which brings Hobartians together to sing from the rooftops.

Ten Days on the Island
(autumn biennially)
Established by the Tasmanian Government in 2001, Ten Days on the Island is a statewide cultural festival of national significance. It provides opportunities for Tasmanian artists and companies to present their works to a wider audience.

Mona Foma
(January annually)
Mona Foma is an extravagant event that is hard to categorise. It is three days of music, art, creativity and entertainment featuring local and international artists, and taking place across multiple venues. Indeed, if you’re in Hobart during those three days, it’s almost impossible not to take part.

Dark Mofo
(mid-winter annually)
Dark Mofo has become synonymous with the Hobart winter – challenging, invigorating and eclectic. This festival features contemporary performance and arts for the mind and soul.

(January annually)
A 48-hour film-making challenge, where Tasmanian film makers must produce a short piece including writing, shooting, editing and scoring in two days. Typically held in late January, the show night and award ceremony is always a spectacular event.

Stranger With My Face International Film Festival
(May annually)
Stranger With My Face is an international film festival based in Hobart. The festival includes seminars and panels on gender and genre, as well as the Tasmanian Gothic Short Script Challenge. It has grown yearly from its relatively modest inception in 2012 as a ‘Women in Horror Recognition month’ event, to become an internationally-recognised event in its own right.